Mars and Rahu

Mars and Rahu Conjunction gives tremendous amount of energy both physically and mentally. Due to this massive amount of energy within native feels anxious and impatient. Native is physically energetic
never sits idle always restless and need constant activity to use energy level; it can create amazing athletes, sports person, bodybuilders, army men and policemen. On the negative side, if Rahu controls the conjunction or this conjunction is aspected by malefic like Saturn then things can go pretty
horrifying. The energy of mars is not controlled and it creates a havoc. This yoga may destroy the house signification where it is placed. However this conjunction also works in favor if mars is lower in degrees and in a friendly or its own sign.
Characteristics of the natives of Mars and Rahu
The natives of Mars and Rahu are extremely short tempered and violent.
These people can be racist, terrorist, serial killer, anti-social element, one who loves destruction.
These people can be suicidal also.
Native is not very adaptable and finds it hard to be adaptable to the new environment and people around.
This extremely aggressive nature and strong willed personality will stop at nothing to achieve its goal.
The native may take up instant fights on petty matters. Court cases can also keep creating troubles.
Effects of Mars and Rahu
Rahu is a significator of Taboo breaker & risk-taker and Mars denotes volcanic traits, passion & aggressiveness. The Vedic Astrology is called Ascendant. It grants body frame, ego, and self-vision.
Therefore, the combination of Rahu and Mars in the 1st House offers violent personality, greedy nature, and undying hunger with rage to conquer the situation.
Rahu, the Shadow planet in Astrology fumes to its complete operation when it comes to the combination of Mars in a Horoscope.
Rahu, a “taker” and the ignorant planet is popular for its inflating trait. Nonetheless, if it inflates the formation of egotism, the native bears an attitude of a narcissist.
The influence of Rahu and Mars in this house bestows the person a sharp ego. They are offended easily.
Also, their anger, rage, and irritation operate directly to the opposite sex or their spouse or lover. In addition to the ego and indignation, it results in one’s boastfulness for their outward possessions and their material success.