Mars transit from moon

Mars transit

The following are the effects of Mars transit , as per your Rasi, i.e. the Indian moon sign. Given here are the general effects as given in the classical Vedic astrology sastras

Mars transit in 1st from Moon- The native will

  • Causes bodily affliction
  • Obstacles to all undertakings.

Mars transit in 2nd from Moon

  • Causes trouble from the king and enemies
  • Quarrels
  • excessive biliousness
  • fire accidents
  • robbery and disease
  • mental and physical grief.

Mars in 3rd from Moon- The native will

  • Confers benefits through thieves and urchins
  • Energy
  • Authority
  • Wealth
  • woolen articles
  • mineral wealth
  • Gain of valuable metals
  • favor of Subrahmanya
  • easy destruction of enemies.

Mars in 4th from Moon

  • Causes fever
  • stomach ailments
  • bleeding as well as great harm
  • wicked
  • Unconscious flow of seminal fluid.

Mars in 5th from Moon- The native will

  • Causes enmity
  • Anger
  • Illness
  • Fear
  • grief on account of children
  • a quick loss of energy

Mars in 6th from Moon- The native will

  • One will be free from danger from enemies
  • enemies and fear
  • quarrels
  • one will also get gold
  • corals and copper
  • one’s head aloft.

Mars in 7th from Moon- The native will

  • Causes quarrels with one’s spouse
  • eye-disease
  • stomach-ailment.

Mars in 8th from Moon- The native will

  • weak through bleeding
  • lose wealth
  • honor
  • Mental depression
  • blood loss due to severe blows to the body or breaks of limbs.

Mars in 9th from Moon- The native will

  • suffer insults
  • loss of wealth
  • impeded gait owing to the loss of bodily fluids
  • consequent weakness
  • Loss of money
  • defeat.

Mars in 10th from Moon- The native will

  • Produces neutral effects
  • Profits in all ways.

Mars in 11th from Moon- The native will

  • Confers various types of riches
  • Success
  • enables one to exercise power
  • authority over the country
  • just as the bee has free movements
  • enjoyment in a forest of abundant flowers
  • leadership of a village
  • general happiness.

Mars in 12th from Moon- The native will

  • Tortures a person with expenditure on various counts
  • innumerable disasters
  • wrath of women
  • bilious affections
  • eye-trouble
  • scion of Indra.