Effects of mars in various signs and varga

Mars in Aries: Should Mars be in Aries at birth, the subject will be impetuously fierce, heroic, adventurous in deeds, radiant, gentle, insurmountable, impatient and charitable. The person will own landed properties, will earn fame through wars (i.e. be a military or defence personnel) and be endowed with many quadrupeds and abundant food comforts. He will be liked by all. These are additional effects.

Mars in Taurus: Should Mars be in Taurus, the native will be inimical to his own people, will enthuse the members of his race, be a satisfied person, will deliver many evil words, will eat voraciously and will have limited wealth and limited number of children. The person will enjoy limited happiness in respect of home-life and properties. He will live in others’ houses, (i.e. will depend on others), be troubled by his progeny and will have blood disorders. He will spoil women of virtues, will separate from his people, be skillful in music and other related subjects and will perform sinful deeds.

Mars in Gemini: The native with Mars in Gemini will be a gracious person, will live in many distant places, be skilful in various aims and crafts, well-read of Sastras and be a skilful speaker. One will further be helpful to his friends. He will acquire famous children and be happy through them.

Mars in Cancer: One with Mars in Cancer will have limited wealth, be not peaceful, will have bodily defects and diseases, will again and again improve his destroyed finances, will eat others’ food and be famous.The native will invite misunderstandings with a famous or mighty female. The number of his enemies will ever increase. He will be a wicked person.

Mars in Leo: One with Mars in Leo will be endowed with a brilliant physique, highly energetic, unassailable, heroic, very fierce, will steal others’ articles and be free from doubts.One with Mars in Leo will further be happy with his spouse and children. He will have no enemies (or his enemies will be subdued by him), be industrious and justly disposed. He will be endangered by animals, snakes etc., fond of living in forest regions and eating the flesh of cow, bull etc.

Mars in Virgo: The native having Mars in Virgo will be wealthy, honoured by virtuous men, straightforward, less heroic, will speak affectionately, will indulge in singing others’ praise and will have various kinds of (wasteful) expenditure. Further, the subject will be responsible householder and will enjoy landed properties and marital happiness. He will perform Vedic rituals, be ever troubled by enemies, fond of esoteric songs and be a great scholar (or well-educated).
Mars in Libra: If Mars is in Libra at birth, the subject will be ever fond of journeying, will speak with affection, be boastful, highly untruthful, injured by sword and be enthused by friends.The person will have some physical deficiency and will incur grief on account of lands and spouse. He will not honour his elders, will have limited servants, will speak in favour of meritorious deeds, be very wealthy, and be addicted to intoxicants and courezous. He will lose his spouse and wealth.
Mars in Scorpio: If Mars is in Scorpio at birth, the person will be sinful, untruthful, will commit many criminal and inimical acts, be crafty, betraying till the end, of truthful conduct, well-read in Sastras and be righteous.There are certain contradictions in the effects given above. “Sinful”, “righteous”, “truthful” and “untruthful” do not go well in combination. From what I gather from other sources, “truthful” and “righteous” are to be rejected. 
Mars in Sagittarius: Should natal Mars be in Sagittarius, the native will be emaciated, will possess many injuries, be crafty and harsh in speech. His spouse and progeny will be endangered. He will not be independent, i.e. subordinate of others. His spouse will be a chaste woman. He will be grieved on account of his adversaries. He will lose his wealth due to his misdeeds and anger, will not honour his elders and will speak harshly.
Mars in Capricorn: The native with Mars in Capricorn will be happy, radiant, be an excellent personage, be sometimes wealthy, sometimes poor, be sinful, virtuous, an army chief and head of men.
Mars in Aquarius: If Mars is in Aquarius, the person will be ugly, unfortunate, a tale-bearer, liar, cheat etc.Further, one will have poor health, be inimical to his own men and be grieved due to having a number of children. He wiIl be fond of liquid stuff, will have a hairy physique and will lose his wealth in gambling. He will look like an old man due to abundant grief and will live in the end only with his savings (i.e. will be neglected by his people).
Mars in Pisces: Should Mars be in Pisces at the time of birth, the subject will be troubled by diseases, will live in distant places, be dull-headed, will highly honour Brahmins and will lose everything on account ofcheating. He will incur limited grief.

Effects of Mars in Hora

Mars in the Sun’s Hora: If Mars at birth is in the Hora of the Sun, the person will be disposed to torture others, adventurous in acts, will incur many diseases, be troubled bilious imbalances.
Mars in the Moon’s Hora: One with Mars in Moon’s Hora will be modest, will enjoy pleasures, be wealthy, fond of litigations and will eliminate his enemies.

Effects of Mars in Decanates

Mars in the Sun’s Decanate: The native having Mars in the Sun’s decanate will incur diseases of the face and eyes. He will be virtuous, will have limited progeny, be anguished, wicked and will lose his valour.
Mars in Moon’s Decanate: The native with Mars in a decanate ruled by the Moon will be cruel, wicked, will hate others, be fond of his religion (or be righteous), famous through the king and for his own virtues. He will have an evil spouse. His enemies will be destroyed.
Mars in Own Decanate: If Mars be in his own decanate, the person will incur many diseases, interested in others’ food, highly irascible, devoid of heroism and be ever ill disposed.
Mars in Mercury’s Decanate: If Mars is decanate ruled by Mercury, the native will be resolute, prosperous, will have a lot of wealth and will receive honours from the king.
Mars in Jupiter’s Decanate: One with Mars in a decanate owned by Jupiter will be shrewd, famous, will wear dirty robes, will serve Gods, elders and Brahmins, be very modest and intelligent.
Mars in Venus’ Decanate: If at birth Mars occupies n decanate ruled by Venus, the subject will be attached to women, be famous through the wealth of gold and iron, and be illustrious.
Mars in Saturn’s Decanate: If Mars be in a decanate ruled by Saturn, the subject will be a fool, bereft of good conduct and virtues, ofdestructive disposition, will promote quarrels, and will ever be in rags.

Effects of Mars in Navamsa:

Mars in Leo Navamsa: The native whose Mars occupies Leo Navamsa will be miserly, fond of sleeping for long, troubled by cardiac diseases, will eat abundantly and be crafty.
Mars Cancer Navamsa: Should Mars be in Cancer Navamsa, the person will be radiant, endowed with happiness and honours, attached to friends, Brahmins and guests, calm in disposition, honourable and ever desirous of the care of his kinsfolk.
Mars in Aries/Scorpio Navamsa: If Mars is in his own Navamsa, the native will be very torturous, unsightly in appearance, skilful in sword-fighting, devoid of virtues and will bear hatred for gentle people.
 Mars in GeminiNirgo Navamsa: One with Mars in a Navamsa ruled by Mercury will be respectful of Brahmins, be wealthy, very bold, very liberal and highly energetic, prosperous and very happy.
Mars in Jupiter’s Navamsa: One with Mars in Sagittarius or Pisces Navamsa will be endowed with various kinds offood and drinks, be heroic, fierce, fond of warring, bereft of contempt and endowed with excellent conveyances.
Mars in Taurus/Libra Navamsa: One with Mars at birth in a Navamsa owned by Venus will enjoy sexual pleasures, will please his elders and friends, will speak affable words, be interested in virtuous men and endowed with many attendants.
MÅrs in Capricorn or Aquarius Navamsa: If the natal Mars in a Navamsa ruled by Saturn, the native will be interested in many sinful deeds, be troubled by diseases of the rectum and sight, be a wicked person, bereft of affection and argumentative.

Effects of Mars in Dvadasamsa

Mars in Leo Dvadasamsa: One with Mars in Leo t)vndasamsa will be fond of sexual pleasures and fraudulent deeds, be a bad workman, be either firm or infirm, troubled by ulcers and confinement and be a rogue and wicked man.
Mars in Cancer Dvadasamsa: The native Mars in Cancer in Dvadasamsa will have a sturdy body, be radiant in appearance, liberal, will enjoy much happiness, be learned, will possess many co-born and be energetic.
Mars in own Dvadasamsa: One with Mars in Aries or Scorpio in Dvadasamsa will be unfortunate concerning spouse, be in servitude, and a dependant. His work will correspond to his form of appearance, i.e. he will involve in such a calling befitting his appearance. He will suffer from disorders of blood and will be in the grip of vices.
Mars in Mercury’s Dvadasamsa: If Mars at birth is in Virgo or Gemini in Dvadasamsa, the subject will be skilful in gymnastics and matters related to females’ robes and ornaments. He will be famous, firm in disposition, will possess excellent women and be troubled by the ruler.
Mars in Jupiters Dvadasamsa: If Mars is in Sagittarius or Pisces Dvadasamsa, the person will be widely known for his intelligence, be happy, independent, a poet, be unassailable in arguments, be very wealthy and fortunate.
Mars in Venus’ Dvadasamsa: One with Mars in Taurus or Libra Dvadasamsa will be liked by women, be modest, charitable, courteous, respectful of others and be himself honourable. His adversaries will bow down before him.
Mars in Saturn’s Dvadasamsa: One with Mars in Capricorn or Aquarius Dvadasamsa will hate his kinsmen, be argumentative in disposition, will chatter a lot, be fickle’-minded, ill-disposed and belligerent.
Effects of Mars in Trimsamsa.
Mars in Own Trimsamsa: If Mars is in Aries or Scorpio in Trimsamsa, the subject will be wealthy possessing various articles, will perform agreeable deeds, be a spendthrift and a victim ofcalamities, be unsightly, and very much troubled by vices.
Mars in Saturn’s Trimsamsa: If Mars is in Capricorn or Aquarius Trimsamsa,.the person will be miserly, attached to others’ females, contemptuous, will marry an evil female and be a rebellion.
Mars in Jupiter’s Trimsamsa: If Mars is in Sagittarius or Pisces in Trimsamsa, the native will be attached to Vedic sacrifices, studies and charities. He will be a priest and n king’s minister and be highly righteous.
Mars in Gemini or Virgo in Trimsamsa: Should
Mars be in the Trimsamsa portion ruled by Mercury, the native
will be a donor, will enjoy robes, scents and garlands, will have many children, will ever be desirous ofhis kinsfolk’s welfare and be a knowledgeable person.
Mars in Venus’ Trimsamsa: One with Mars in Taurus or Libra in Trimsamsa will be skilful in writing and learning, be virtuous, fond ofhis kinsfolk, skilful in music and be opulent.

Mars with other kinds of strengths.

Mars with Mitra Bala: If Mars is with this strength the person will be endowed with friends, will enjoy abundant happiness, be charming and devoted to elders, Brahmins and teachers.
Mars with Svakshetra Bala: If Mars is endowed with this strength, the person will be endowed with sons and honour. He will have knowledge about females’ ornaments, be highly skilful in sexual pleasures, arts and writing activities. He will be sweet in speech and will eliminate his enemies.
Mars with Uchcha Bala: If Mars is endowed with Uchcha Bala, the person will be rich with learning, knowledge of Agamas, progeny and wealth. He will be meritoriously disposed, skilful and will honour Brahmins.
Mars with Navamsa Bala: One with Mars being endowed with this strength will earn fame for his devotion to gods, Brahmins and gentle-folk. He will be heroic, will seek shelter under virtuous men, be learned, and will beget honours from the ruler.
Mars with Beneficial Aspect: If Mars is endowed with, the native will beget a spouse with questionable history. His enemies will disappear. He will be a poet, a kin€s minister, R very great person and be fortunate.
Notes: “Kuvrittadaaram” means acquiring a spouse with questionable history. It is dimcult to say whether this evil effect will go hand in hand with other good effects due to beneficial aspects. 
Mars with Ojha Rasi Bala: Should Mars be with this strength, the subject will be devoted to gods and Brahmins, be endowed with abundant quadrupeds, gold, grains, many women, many sons and surprising wealth.
Mars with Digbala: Mars earning Digbala will make the person given to bad qualities. He will be radiant, will endure difficult labour and anguish, be modest, wealthy and righteous.
Mars with Cheshta Bala: If Mars is endowed with Cheshta Bala, the subject will be active, will perform evil deeds and be favourably disposed to friends and be skilful.
Mars with Ratri Bala: Mars begetting Ratri Bala will give fortunes. The person will be interested in constructing parks, wells etc. He will gain through his spouse and will enjoy abundant foods and drinks.
Mars with Vara Bala: Mars endowed with Vara bala will make the native favourably disposed to the teachings of Vedas (or Sastras in general). He will be virtuous, endowed with a lot of pleasures and fortunes, be radiant and fond of applying (scented) ointments.
Mars with Hora Bala: When Mars is endowed with Hora bala in a nativity, the subject will be learned in Vedas and other Sastras, will have plenty of quadrupeds, lands, sons, women and be an agreeable speaker. He will be able to endure everything (said of adversities).
Mars with Varsha Bala: Should Mars be with Varsha bala, the native will be blessed with wealth and corns. He will be free from contempt for others, be a gracious person, tolerant, an affable speaker and be affectionate to all.
Mars with Paksha Bala: Should Mars beget Paksha Bala, the native will be devoid of adversaries, lordly, famous, endowed with brilliance, honour, heroism and abundant wealth, and be chief among the men of his race.
Mars without Mitra Bala: Should Mars be without Mitra Bala, the subject will be friendly to evil people, be wicked, unsightly, bereft of wealth and corns, but be devoted to gods and Brahmins.
Mars without Svakshetra Bala: One with Mars having no strength on this count, will be harsh in speech, be dear to women, bereft of kinsfolk, will lose his wealth and energyßnd be taken over by his foes.
Mars Without Uchcha Bala: If Mars does not get ntrcngth on this count, the native will have blemishes (or concerning his spouse, conveyances, calamities and expenses. He will be involved in strange quarrels and incur troubles from one and all.
Mars without Navamsa Bala: If Mars is devoid of this strength, one will incur diseaæs. He will be an object of troubles by enemies and humiliation by friends.
Mars without Beneficial Aspect: When Mars is devoid of this strength, the native will have an ugly body, be not righteous, blamed by others, averse to his co-born and be devoid of virtues.
Mars Without Svakshetra Bala: If Mars is without Svakshetra Bala, the native will incur a high degree offear, will torture others, will incur huge debts and poverty and will be devoid of prosperity and sexual pleasures.
Mars without Digbala: IfMars is without directional strength, the native will have no wealth, will serve aged women, be desirous ofothers’ wealth and will undergo intense difficulties.
Mars without Cheshta Bala: If Mars is found without Cheshta bala’ the subject will incur health disorders
caused by hunger, be emaciated, will consume roots etc. and devoid of humiliation (i.e. be not humiliated by others).
Mars without Ratri Bala: If Mars does not acquire this strength, the native will be unrighteous, be not efficacious, be fond of gambling, sinful, be not virtuous and ever troubled by foes.
Mars without Vara Bala: If Mars is without this strength, the native Will be ugly, rich with paraphernalia required for bathing (of superior kind), endowed with ornaments etc. and be inclined to undertake religious vows of ancient nature.
Mars without Hora Bala: If Mars is devoid of such strength, the native will be fond of association with others’ women, will cause obstacles to the vows of chaste women, very fierce and be given to vices.
Mars without Masa Bala: Mars not having Masa BRIR will cause betraying tendency. The native will adore ancient methods of dressing, be untruthful, wicked, ungrateful and be diseased.