Mercury and Jupiter

Mercury and Jupiter are the most benefic and share a lot in common. Both represent intelligence, maturity, subtlety, and a calm temperament. Natives having Mercury and Jupiter conjunction in their horoscope are usually blessed with a higher-than-average understanding of classical scriptures and art forms. Such a person can benefit from the combination of intellect (Mercury) and wisdom (Jupiter).
They are often inclined towards performing arts such as dance, music, and musical instruments. Moreover, this conjunction also leads to wealth, name and fame.
Characteristics of the natives of Mercury and Jupiter
The natal conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter indicates someone with tremendous curiosity and ingenuity.
As the Mercury conjunct Jupiter transit takes place, put a greater price on education and self-development so this is where the focus will be.
The planet Mercury is all about speaking and writing, interaction with others, learning and conveying information further.
The conjunct aspect is the astrological placement in which the two planets are caught traveling together through the same zodiac sign, so their qualities are blended together.
In astrology, Jupiter is essentially about expansion, generosity and good luck.
They should be usually happy and attain success because they simply love to learn, to travel and to talk with others.
they want to discuss all kinds of issues because ideas not only expressions, are usually coming for them, even if they sometimes they can lose themselves in rants.
They keep friendly relation with all, and rarely have enemies or opposition.
Effects of Mercury and Jupiter
Their financial position however keeps fluctuating. If placed negatively, this conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter can affect the eyesight or hearing capability of the person.
Mercury and Jupiter have incorporated the traits of the aspect into their personalities, expressing them naturally and consistently.
You enjoy traveling and any other activity that helps expand your mind
They always see the positive side of situations and you are very respectful of the traditions and opinions of others.