Mercury and Mars

Mercury and Mars are enemy planets. While Mars is a malefic male, Mercury is a literate eunuch. These energies together undoubtedly make the person sharp-minded and alert. Mars and Mercury conjunction can only be termed favorable if both are positively placed in a natal chart. Such natives often end up having friction in relationships. Moreover, they often get an unreliable partner and are drawn towards base people. Their life is bereft of marital happiness and struggle in progeny is also possible.

Characteristics of the natives of Mercury and Mars
They have a natural talent for occupations involving change and physical movement.
They have very imaginative creative ideas and you bring them into reality if you can manage to have the patience to stay on target as the Martian energy can make you more impulsive or lack the commitment necessary to see things through.
They may have a very strong ego especially if the planets are in a fire element and you have to watch out for being pretentious, self-righteous or lacking the ability to accept you have made a mistake or are incorrect in your assumptions. They believe you have all the answers and are always right, the fact is nobody is perfect and the humbler you can be the better.
This is the biggest problem with this aspect and the more you can compromise with others, be more sympathetic and understanding, the more you will be able to be successful in your endeavors.
They are very witty, and often sarcastic.
Effects of Mercury and Mars
This conjunction of Mars and Mercury also creates a tendency to indulge in theft and offences involving money.
They get angry, they let out their aggression and they may even get into a fight with another kid but then its over and they move on and they do not hold onto it.
Those with the sextile can call upon these traits when needed, and those with the trine between the Mercury and Mars have incorporated the traits of the aspect into their personalities, expressing them naturally and consistently.