Mercury and Rahu

Mercury which was transiting in Virgo, will push back into Leo, the sign where it will have Rahu, the dragon’s head for its company for the period ahead. Retrograde Mercury favours anything that goes with preffix ‘re’ with it be it re thinking, re doing, re viewing, re visiting etc. And rightly so! Since during Mercury Retrogression, rational and logical thoughts become limited and the mind of the native of Mercury and Rahu may be dragged into the unwanted direction causing confusion. Mercury and Rahu combination in horoscope which is basically
from the start provides the insight that something significant and objectively will happen to natives by means of speech, communication, voice, and composing, calculative power and so on between two individuals or masses.
Characterististics of the natives of Mercury and Rahu
The Mercury and Rahu combination gives a lot of brain power, it depends on the nature of this combination (whether afflicted) if a person use or misuse it.
Rahu is illusion and mercury is intelligence+communication, this combination makes a person very shrewd, sharp, cunning and intelligent if placement is good.
They can make good fortune in fields like journalism, writing, computer programmer, marketing, sales, or any other which requires sharp thinking, analytic ability or communication such as share market.
These people can be good businessman who can do wonders if they have enough resources.
Mercury is also associated with nervous system so bad placement can give nervous system related trouble or stress.
Malefic combination can lead to stammering, lisping, and difficulty with numbers, poor memory, depression etc.
Effects of Mercury and Rahu
Native usually speaks in low tone and little less than common people do, conceals the facts related to self by and large and will be secretive in actions, molds or bents self quickly according to situation or environment.
This native will have a dangerous, colorful, and interesting type of speech, and will discuss things that may be exceptionally unusual for this present reality.
Rahu Mercury conjunction helps them to mix up with any group of people very easily and quickly.
Rahu desires to be seen, recognized, identified, as a mentally or manually special person deserving of special benefits.