Effects of Mercury in Signs.

Mercury in Aries: The native with Mercury in Aries will be emaciated, will wander much, be crafty, a liar, fond of quarrels and will earn wealth through landed properties and hard labour. His wealth will also be endangered, i. e. there will be loss of wealth.One with Mercury in Aries will further be of wicked and unstable disposition. He will eat abundantly, be unkind, and flooded by debts. He will find it hard to achieve his goal, be a subordinate to others (i.e. will not enjoy supreme positions), fond of music, dance etc., teacher and gambler.
 Mercury in Taurus: If Mercury is in Taurus at birth, the subject will have a stout and radiant body, be sacrificing in disposition, will acquire an agreeable spouse, be fond of music, sexual pleasures and jokes, be skilful, resolute and eloquent in speech.
Mercury in Gemini: On with Mercury in Gemini at birth will be an able and affable speaker. He will wear attractive dress, be an expert in crafts, ancient knowledge, Wisdom, arts and law. He will be boastful, fortunate and great.The subject will additionally be a skilful writer, will have two mothers (i.e. be also brought up by another woman, like mother) and will be replete with all kinds of happiness at home. (There is however a particular text which mentions that the native will enjoy no happiness at all, which is an incorrect attribute to Mercury in Gemini.)
Mercury in Cancer: The person whose Mercury is in Cancer will be fond of residing in foreign countries, be learned,poet, knowledgeable in matters of sexual union and music interested in various activities and be intelligent.
Notes: The subject will have bad conduct and will be associated with charming women. He will lose his wealth on account of strained terms with women. His birth would be in a famous family. He will be inimical to his kinsfolk.
Mercury in Leo: Should Mercury be in Leo at birth, the person will have a weak memory, and will be bereft ofwisdom, arts, enthusiasm, energy, position and wealth. He will be a knower of the lord of the Universe but be untruthful. One with Mercury in Leo will have enmity with his co-born and be henpecked. He will be troubled by his adversaries. He will acquire wealth.
Mercury in Virgo: Should Mercury be in Virgo in a nativity, the person will greatly love righteousness, be eloquent in speech, and knowledgeable in drawing, writing, Vedic studies, poetry, Wisdom, crafts etc.
Mercury in Libra: One with Mercury in Libra will be an expert in arguments concerning crafts (i.e. be an expert craftsman), be of unstable disposition, crafty, irascible and skilful in trading affairs.The native will be a spendthrift, will speak with the “flow of nectar” (i.e. incomparably sweet in speech) and will at times speak meaninglessly. He will join base women and will incur grief. He will try to expand his business activities in various directions, will acquire anger as well as satisfaction momentously, and be wealthy. He will be crooked in disposition but be outwardly courteous.
Mercury in Scorpio: IfMercury lies in Scorpio at the time of one’s birth, he will be subjected to difficulties and grief, will perform contemptible deeds, be not gentle, be harsh in behaviour and be a womanizer.The native will be indolent. His spouse will be a miser. He will not enjoy ancestral properties. He will voluntarily invite evil after evil and will be attached to inimical deeds. He will be ever in debts, foolish, miserly and fond ofacquiring others’ possessions.
Mercury in Sagittarius: One with Mercury in Sagittarius at birth will be famous for his speech, be very munificent, be an expert in the meanings of Sastras, Vedas and crafts, be heroic, learned and a skilful speaker.
Further, the subject will be wealthy, will build up wealth through his own exertion, writing etc. and be the best among the members of his family.
Mercury in Capricorn: If Mercury is in Capricorn, the native will face evils, be mean, a servant ofothers, untruthful, foolish, be not a knower of arts and crafts and be a tale-bearer. He will be restrained by fools. He will be given tovices butbe modest. He will be away from his relatives, will receive spiritual initiation and be a day-dreamer.

Mercury in Aquarius: If Mercury is at birth in Aquarius, the native will be bereft of good conduct and virtues, will humiliate others, will incur loss (on account) of speech, intelligence and work (i.e. will not be a good speaker, not intelligent and not progressive), be desirous of good, shameless and incapable of enjoying sexual pleasures.
Mercury in Pisces: The native with Mercury in Pisces will be fond ofgood conduct and lustre, be attached to his country, an eloquent speaker, will incur penury, will have limited number of children and will beget an agreeable spouse.Further, the subject will show interest in others’ religion, will be skilful in acquiring others’ articles and will live in distant regions.
Effects of Mercury in Hora.
Mercury in Sun’s Hora: Should the natal Mercury be in the Hora of the Sun, the native will be fierce, crafty, highly libidinous, bereft ofvirtues and valour, highly sinful and averse to Gods and Brahmins.
mercury in Moon’s Hora: IfMercury is in the Hora ofthe Moon, the native will be fortunate, virtuous, endowed with distinctspeech, intelligence and good qualities, knowledgeable in matters of law, fond of guests and be munificent.

Effects of Mercury in Decanates.

Mercury in Sun’s Decanate: One with Mercury in Leo in decanate will argue with others, be cruel, disappointed, indebted, ugly, fraudulent and ever libidinous.
Mercury in Moon’s Decanate: If Mercury Cancer in decanate at birth, the person will not have enemies will render service to gods and Brahmins, be a skilful writer ax fond of promoting quarrels.
Mercury in a Decanate ofMars: One with Mercury in Aries or Scorpio in decanate will be deprived ofpropitiousness, and Vedic knowledge, and will have no dealings with his kinsfolk.
Mercury in Own Decanate: If Mercury occupies Gemini or Virgo in decanate, the person will be attractive, fortunate, virtuous, interested in performing Yagnas (Vedic Sacrifices) and religious vows, charitable, gentle and will possess R number of friends.
Mercuw in Jupiter’s Decanate: If Mercury is in Sagittarius or in Pisces in decanate, the person will be exceedingly liked by females, pure, unconquerably heroic, very wealthy and endowed with various kinds of articles.
Mercury in a Decanate ofVenus: When Mercury is found in Taurus or Libra in decanate, the native will be very clever, an ocean ofpleasures, will have no enemies, be a gracious person and dear to the ruler.
Mercury in Saturn’s Decanate: Should Mercury be in Capricorn or Aquarius in decanate, the person will be ever in debts, be argumentative, emaciated, will live in distant lands and be valorous in fights.

Effects of Mercury in Navamsas.

Mercury in Sun’s Navamsa: Leo Navamsa having Mercury therein indicates the following. The native will be sinful, ugly, devoid of happiness from wife, and fo gambling and stealing.
Mercury in Cancer Navamsa: If Mercury is found in the Navamsa ofthe Moon, the person will be unfortunate about his spouse, bereft ofkinsfolk, be attached to mundane affairs, will lose his energy and pride and be handsome.
Mercury in Aries/Scorpio Navamsa: IfMercury is in a Navamsa ruled by Mars, the person will be famous, physically strong, liberal in disposition, successful, honourable, will win the hearts of his friends and virtuous men. But he will be troubled by blood disorders.
Mercury in Gemini or Virgo Navamsa: IfMercury is in his own Navamsa, the person will not be dutiful, will wish ill of his friends, be contemptuous, wicked, troubled by the king, soft in disposition, good-looking and fortunate.
Mercury in Sagittarious Pisces Navamsa: Should Mercury be found in a Navamsa owned by Jupiter, the subject will be devoted to gods and Brahmins, be a gracious person, fond of guests, be amicable to all and be happy.
Mercury in Taurus or Gemini Navamsa: One having Mercury in a Navamsa ruled by Venus will enjoy gains of various articles, be highly heroic, endowed with many good friends, virtuous, be associated with many gentle people, fond of worshipping Brahmins, endowed with sons and be munificent.
Mercury in Capricorn or Aquarius Navamsa: One with Mercury in a Navamsa owned by Saturn will be very ill, be a bad craftsman (or worker), bereft ofgood qualities, interested in others’ women and associated with people bereft of gentle background.

Mercury’s Dvadasamsa Effects.

Mercury in Leo Dvadasamsa: One with Mercury in Leo in Dvadasamsa will be troubled by ulcers. He will commit sinful deeds, be not happy and be endowed with evil friends. His enemies will be on the increase. His fame will be destroyed. He will accumulate sons (or progeny), i.e. will have a multitude of sons (or children).
Mercury in Cancer Dvadasamsa: The native with Mercury in Cancer in Dvadasamsa will be endowed with various kinds of valorous activities, progeny and wealth. He will be fond of sexual pleasures, be distinctly virtUous and be modest.
Mercury in Aries/Scorpio Dvadasamsa: One with Mercury in a Dvadasamsa owned by Mars will be extremely crafty, be not virtuous, Will lose his wealth on account of his relatives, be ever sinful and troubled by diseases.
Mercury in Gemini or Virgo Dvadasamsa: The person having Mercury in Gemini or Virgo in Dvadasamsa will be lordly, interested in Sastras and skilful in arts. His foes will bow before him. He will be a conqueror of senses and be praiseworthy.
Mercurw in Sagittarius or Pisces Dvadasamsa: One with Mercury in a Dvadasamsa ruled by Jupiter will be exceedingly virtuous, will have a great history, will fight a great battle (or for a great cause), be fond of guests and be righteous.
Mercury in Taurus / Libra Dvadasamsa: The whose natal Mercury occupies a Dvadasamsa ruled by Venus Will possess plenty of food comforts and wealth. He Will be close to the ruler, interested in good men, very righteous and will perform many meritorious deeds. He will enjoy happiness.
Mercury in Capricorn / Aquarius Dvadasamsa: One with Mercury in a Dvadasamsa owned by Saturn will bepoor, miserly, devoid of virtues, afflicted by many diseases, skilful in cunning.deeds, unkind and harsh in speech.

Trimsamsa Effects of Mercury.

Mercury in Aries / Scorpio in Trimsamsa: If Mercury occupies a Trimsamsa ruled by Mars, the subject will argue with others, be fierce, addicted to vices and averse to gods and Brahmins.
Mercury in Saturn’s Trimsamsa: If Mercury at birth is found in the Trimsamsa portion ofAquarius or Capricorn, the person will argue with others and be fierce. He will be interested in his duties, fond of gambling and be troubled by diseases.
Mercury in Jupiter’s Trimsamsa: Should natal Mercury be in Sagittarius or Pisces in Trimsamsa, the subject will be courageous, modest, liked by virtuous men, honoured by his kinsfolk and be the best of the men of his race.
Mercury in Own Trimsamsa: If Mercury comes to occupy his own Trimsamsa, the person will be knowledgeable in Sastras, wealthy, famous in the world for his good qualities, unconquerably heroic, and be a gracious and virtuous person.
mercury in Trimsamsa of Venus: If Mercury occupies Taurus or Libra in Trimsamsa, the person will be highly valorous, will lord over others’ lands and wealth, be munificent and endowed with an agreeable spouse.

Mercury with Other Kinds of Strengths:

Mercury with Mitra Bala: If Mercury is endowed with Mitra Bala, the native will be ever endowed with many friends. He will be charitably disposed, devoted to gods and Brahmins, will serve men of virtues.
Mercury with Rasi Bala: One with Mercury having this strength will be liked by all. His undertakings and friends will be firm. He will be famous for his speaking skills.
Mercury with Uchcha Bala: One with Mercury having this specific power will be liked by women. He will be charitable, devoted to gods and Brahmans and will serve virtuous people.
Mercury with Navamsa Bala: The native having Mercury with Navamsa strength will be pure, forgiving in disposition, truthful, grateful, intelligent and be a repository of nll kinds of happiness.
Mercury with Beneficial Aspects: One having Mercury with this power will be modest, heroic, tolerant ofmuch anguish, a knower of the art of sexual enjoyment, liked by the king and meritoriously disposed.
Mercury with Ojha Rasi Bala: Should Mercury obtain this strength, the person will be knowledgeable in science, ancient Sastras, Vedas, crafts, music and arts. He will earn fame.
Mercury with Digbala: If Mercury has directional strength, the person will be kind, friendly, will enjoy pleasures, bejocular and endowed with prosperity, skill and virtues. He will be a gracious figure and famous in the world.
Mercury with Cheshta Bala: IfMercury is endowed with Cheshta Bala, the person will be liked by women, associated with a king, highly orthodox, righteous, resolute, very truthful and just in disposition.
Mercury with Dina-Ratri Bala: If Mercury is endowed with this strength, the person will be ever rich, will enjoy food, drinks, scents and garlands, be a knower of rules of serving (honouring) others and will attend to them courteously.
Mercury with Vara Bala: If Mercury begets this strength, the person will be very charitable, be the most favourite of others, charming in appearance, learned, extremely wise and extremely intelligent.
Mercury with Hora Bala: If Mercury is endowed with this strength, the native will ever be a well-wisher ofothers, will endure much anguish and difficulties, modest, unconquerable by others and will have his enemies bow down before him.
Mercury with Paksha Bala: If Mercury is endowed with Paksha Bala, the subject will have many relatives, be liked by others, righteous, good-looking and will subjugate his enemies.
Mercury with Masa Bala: If Mercury attains this power, the native will be very wealthy, be averse to Gods and Brahmins, modest, intelligent, fortunate in respect ofspouse and will be well-dressed.
Mercury without Mitra Bala: Should Mercury be without this strength. the native will lose his wealth and fame due to females, be interested in evil deeds and carnal pleasures and be devoid of friendliness.
Mercury without Svakshetra Bala: If Mercury is bereft ofSvakshetra bala, the native will be devoid ofself-respect, and be ever troubled on account of association with women, drinks (liquor etc.) and diseases.
Mercury without Uchcha Bala: Should Mercury be without this strength, the person will perform highly condemnable deeds, be highly anguished on account of his kinsfolk, very indigent and will wear rags (inferior dress).
Mercury without Navamsa Bala: iå’hen Mercury at birth is deprived of this strength, the person will be harsh in speech, be “rid of clothes and ornaments”, averse to co-born, censured and bereft of good qualities.
Mercury without Beneficial Aspect: If Mercury is bereft of this strength, the person will be timid, disappointed, wicked, troublesome, will have limited riches and averse to friends and be arrogant.
Mercury without Ojha Rasi Bala: Should not Mercury get this strength, the person will be timid, disappointed, crafty, highly betraying, and be devoid of orthodoxy, Vedic knowledge and righteousness.
Mercury without Digbala: One with Mercury without Digbala will be disappointed, given to vices, fond of warring, a head of thieves, without dutifulness and attached to moving in distant lands (without fruits).
Mercury without Cheshta Bala: If Mercury does not enjoy Cheshta Bala, the person will be wicked, crafty, harsh in speech and be degraded with endangered spouse and progeny.