Nakshatr Birth remedies

If the birth takes place in the Nakshatras birth of the brother and the parents, death takes place, without doubt, of the brother and the father, or mother, or they have to undergo death-like suffering. Therefore we are going to describe the remedial measures to be adopted to escape from these evil effects. The remedial rites should be performed in a Muhurta, when Chandra and stars are favourable on a day, on which there is no Rikta-Bhadra Dosha. The remedial rites should be performed in the following for nakshatra birth

Remedies from Nakshatr Birth

  • Instal an idol of the Janm Nakshatr on a Kalash in the North-East direction from the fire
  • Cover it with a red piece of cloth and then warp two pieces of cloth round it
  • Worship the idol by chanting the Mantras of the Janm Nakshatra
  • perform Havan 108 times
  • Then the priest performing the Puja
  • sprinkle water on the parents and brother
  • Give presents in cash to the priest and his colleagues
  • associated with the ceremony
  • feed the Brahmins to the best of one’s means.