Nakshatra or Stars

Nakshatras are the sub time zones of the rashis . If rashi is 30 degrees, nakshatra are the 13 degree 20 minutes time zone. Therefore there are 27 such time zones. when moon travels in these time zones and birth happens in a particular time zone, it is called Janam nakshatra.

The nakshatra time zone is further subdivided into 4 parts which are called Nakshatra padas or 4 feets. These 4 feets are nothing but the 4 goals of life which are dharma, artha, kama, moksha.

The planets or the grahs move in these nakshatra time zones and gives results. To understand this , we have to understand the nakshatra and what energies they carry or what power they carry.

Each of these nakshatra have a planet as their lord and they are also divided on caste , which direction they control etc and many other things. e.g if the nakshatra is of shudra caste , the person will engage in some kind of service, if it is of Kshatriya caste then he will be engaged in protection or sort of warrior. thats how these energies manifest.

Each of the nakshatra has a devta which gives blessings to the native of that nakshatra. In case of any mental trouble or longevity issue , one should worship devta of that nakshatra. Following table will give more information about the nakshatras.

Each of the nakshatra is also categorised in Deva , mansushya and rakshasa. The devas are spiritual and their basic nature is givers, the manusya are constant desires and keep engage themselves in material world . The guna carried by rakshas nakshatra are of snatching and cruel nature.

If more planets are in deva nakshatras, then the nature of the person will be like devas and similar inferences can be understood when grahs or planets are in rakshas guna.

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The following Table shows the Vowels and consonants for naming basis the nakshatra.

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Navtara Chakra

The following Table shows which nakshatra can bring good luck for you and which can bring troubles or death for you.

For example : lets say you are born when moon was in asvini nakshatra which is Tara number 1 as per below Table . If you marry a girl of star number 7,16,25 below then she can bring death for you. Since the lord of these nakshatra is Jupiter, never marry a highly educated girl or a female who is born in these 3 constellations punarvasu , vishakha , Purva bhadrapada of Jupiter (guru / Brihaspati)

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Navatara Chakra

The nava tara chakra describes which star is compatible and which can bring problems. The following table describes in detail what do we mean by Navatara category.

NavataraKey points
(Health and well being)
1, 10, and 19 is Known as Birth Nakshtra. Birth Nakshtra is Very sensitive area of Native. Any malefic planet or beneficial planet transit or Vedha to that Nakshtra has direct impact on native.Beneficial planet transit or Vedha over this Nakshtra will indicating beneficial results as per as nature of planet. Malefic planet transit over natal planet may give health issues, stress, and loss of wealth as per as their natural significant.
2nd, 11th, 20th Nakshtra is known as Sampat nakshtra.  It has direct impact on native wealth and prosperity. Malefic Planet transit or Vedha on Sampat nakshtra may cause financial issues or obstacles regarding making money. Beneficial planet transit or giving Vedha on Sampat tara will give financial gain.
(obstacles , problems)
3rd, 12th, 21th nakshtra is known as Vipat nakshtra. It is considered malefic star. As per as name it is indicating sudden obstacles, negative events, just like Vipatti. Malefic planet’s transit or vedha in vipat tara is more malefic and may be considered dangerous. Even beneficial planet is not consider good but not so much harmful. But native may be facing issues regarding that Planet significant.
4th, 13th, 22th nakshtra is known as Kshema Tara. As per as meaning of name it is related to comfort or well and fine condition of native. Natural Malefic Planet giving Vedha on this nakshtra will give issues regarding comfortable life of Native. But when natural beneficial planet transit to kshema tara will improve native comfortable life style.
5th, 14th, 23th nakshtra is known as Pratayari Tara. It is considered worst star. As per as name it is consist from 2 words Prati and ari means acts like enemies behind of native. It is cause for hidden enemies, loss or some close one cause harmful and acts like enemies of Native, behind the native. Again natural malefic Vedha on this planet will cause more harmful. Beneficial planet is also cause harmful. Beneficial planet acts just like a near one cheated the person.
(fulfillment of desire)
6th, 15th, 24th Nakshtra is known as Sadhak Tara. As per as name it is Sadhaka means achieve or fulfill the desire or success with help of some one( that some one is known as Sadhak). Or we can say Productive Side of everything (Sadhak vo hota jo sadhna karta usse siddhi milti). Means need effort and hardwork to get success.Otherwise no success means efforts then success. In this ways Sadhak Tara is acts. When any malefic giving Vedha on sadhak tara then native may be facing issues regarding his efforts to get success in any work. Natural beneficial planet is indicating native may be getting success and support regarding his efforts.
7th, 16th, and 25 nakshtra- It is know as Nidhan or Maran or Vedha Tara. As per as name it is related to loss of his existence. It is considered worst star. It may cause for major transformation in native life specially in negative ways. Natural malefic planet giving Vedha on Nidhan star may cause very harmful. It fill cause for a obstacles just like mountains. Native may be facing huge financial loss or serious health related issues. Even natural beneficial planet may loss of own significant.
(friend and support)
8th, 17th, 26th nakshtra is known as Mitra Tara. As per name it is acts like friends who is supporting native. Natural Beneficial planet may cause help through his friends. Natural Malefic Planet Vedha may cause issues regarding getting help from his friends.
Ati mitra
(Very good support)
9th, 18th, 27th Nakshtra is known as Param Mitra Tara. As per as name it is co-related with our dear and near one, who help native in any sort of matters. Natural beneficial planet giving Vedha on Param Mitra Tara is indicating native all sorts of work will be done by help of his close friends. Natural Malefic Planet giving Vedha on Param Mitra Tara is indicating some sort of issues to his dear and near one. Even a near and dear one not able to heap of native or some sort of dispute may be start with his dear and near one.

Example: 2

We give below an example of 2 natives who are brother and sister of one of my friend who are known to me.

The Girl is born into Purnarvasu nakshatra (brihasparti) and the Boy is born in Rohini (chandra) nakshatra .

If we refer the navatara chakra Table above , from the Girl janam nakshatra , Rohini nakshatra is 26th nakshatra from Punarvasu. The 26th nakshatra from Janam nakshatra falls into mitra Tara category. Therefore brother will be like friend to her.

Now lets see how is the position of brother janam star Punarvasu nakshatra from Rohini (birth nakshatra of brother). When we count punarvasu from rohini, its 4th nakshatra which is Kshema category which means comforts and emotions as the same is ruled by chandra.

Therefore , there will be compatibility between them and they will support each other.

Nakshatra Table with auspicious actions an Muhurata, Devta