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Read your cosmic mind

Cosmic mind means the kalpurusha or vishnu. The entire cosmos is vishnu . when you are born , the soul enters the body and what…

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वक्री शनि गोचर प्रभाव

वक्री शनि गोचर प्रभाव को लेकर 11 मई 2020। न्यायाधीश अपनी साधारण राशि मकर राशि में ही वक्री होने जा रहे हैं उत्तराशादा नक्षत्र सूर्य…

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Surya in Eleventh Bhava

Politics is the highlight of the personality of Surya in eleventh bhava. The ego of the native of Surya in eleventh bhava is such that…

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Shukra in Third Bhava

Shukra in the third Bhava is generally a pleasant addition to business meetings. They find pleasure in writing and gesturing. Their message generally appeals to…

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Rules of sexual activity- Vishnu purana

Rules for Sexual Activity Vishnu Purāṇa. 3:11: In proper time, under the influence of an auspicious planet and inan auspicious moment or on even nights…

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Job astrology – what Maharishi Parasara said..

Maharishi Parsara was the son of Ved Vyasa. He was the one who has written a huge volume on Jyotisa which is referred by all…

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I am not getting a Job

When any person is running the dasa of malefic planets , a person may face problems in career. There are certains combinations in Jyotish which…

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Astrology for profession

One should consider the following factors in Birth chart while determining one’s profession and career:- Lagna. The Planets in the Tenth House. Planets Aspecting the Tenth House. Lord of the…

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Job prediction

The Job prospects are to be seen from 2,6 and 10th House in the Birth Chart. These houses control the Service or Job as a…

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Astrology for Job Change

The 2,6,10,11 are positive for the Job settlement . If good planets are sitting in these houses then the life becomes very good. Also any…

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