Planetary Cabinet effects

Planetary cabinet is decided when Sun starts its northward journey which is called Makar sakranti.

The king of the year is the Planet ruling the day on which the sun enters the first point of Aries.

The Minister will be decided on the basis of the planet which will rule the day on which Sun enters the first point Taurus. Like that , entire Cabinet is decided for each and every thing. e.g Koshadhip means who will control the finances

Effects of different planets acting as King of the year

Suryaif surya is benefic then the royalty prospers and the ruler has a peaceful time.

If surya is lord of evil house , then there is tension amongst the various rulers and there is danger of fire and trouble through thieves.
Chandrathere is prosperity all around, abundant rain and growth of all kinds of corn.

If moon signifies evil houses then there is not much happiness or prosperity among the people. Rains are scanty and there is not much growth of corn.
Mangal the rulers will be fighting with one another and the people will be troubled by thieves , Police atrocities and the fire. There will be little Rainfall. 
If mars is benefic , then real estate gets promoted, Army Leaders are calm and there will be no fights.
BudhaBest year for Journalists , Publication houses, telecom companies , students . More Learning centers will open . IT enabled companies will do good.

There will be big battle with the enemy, particularly if Budha is afflicted. There will be much fear among the people who will  be distressed due to storms. Rainfall will be insufficient and crops will be no battle. Other evil indications will be reduced to a great extent.
GuruRulers take to a virtuous path and general prosperity and contentment among the people prevails. There is freedom from disease. The time is felicitous for sacrifices and other religious functions. All this will happen when Guru is free from afflictions. Educational institutions increase. Good Year for Teachers.Govt will establish school and colleges . People will start going to temples.

Guru affliction then these events will come to pass in a lesser measure. Priests will face problems if Jupiter is afflicted on conjunct Rahu.
ShukraWhen Shukra is the King, there is general contentment among the people. Rainfall and crops are satisfactory. The cattle are in good shape. Females will be happy. Sale of ornaments, cosmetics increase. Luxary cars sales will increase.
ShaniPeople power will come into play. Common man becomes strong. Shortage of food will happen. More Snowfall and less rain. Expect windy environment as saturn controls Vayu Tattva.

Increased thieving , sin ful acts will be promoted. Sale of liquor or meat will increase. People will become more sinful. Expect Scams and general instability .