Prediction for next 20 years starting 2020″ by Shri PVR Rao

Namaste to all of you

Most temples are not open right now. So this is indeed abnormal here. I expect that this year will continue to be strange, abnormal and weird and some sense of normalcy will start to resume from the next year onward but we will go through a phase of instability and destruction for a few years. Now those of you who followed me for a long time know that, for a couple of decades, I’ve been predicting that there will be a sin and an Olivier, once in a millennium transformation, geopolitical transformation in the world, between 2020 to 2030, big changes will take place in the world. And my prediction was that we will become a second rung power just like what happened to the UK in the 1940’s and 1950’s, and then China after a big and explore. Rice will suddenly collapse and even break it to Pieces spread to multiple countries. And my prediction was that India will become a superpower and lead the world in developing harmony and a sustainable lifestyle. So that kind of a change doesn’t happen very easily and requires a lot of destruction, a lot of appending of the regular way of living that people are accustomed to and that’s how we started after 2000. Slow but as I predicted, it was between 2020 to  2025 hat changes will be more rapid and as we saw the exit and things like rise of authoritarian rulers in various parts of the election of Donald Trump, here all these things are contributing in that direction and also a lot of instability in the Middle East , there was a delicate stable equilibrium. That was basically destroyed.After 2001 in the Middle East , as a result lot of instability in the Middle East, all these things are slowly triggering a chain reaction. I predicted that this will result in a major war which is probably a couple of years away. This is what I expect to happen to see here right now. if you look at the world, in every faith, there is a war like situation. People are fighting this virus  on a war footing so probably there won’t be any additional War. Saturn and Jupiter will be very close throughout this year, culminating to exert contention between them on December 21st on the winter solstice day and exactly one week before that. There will be a total solar eclipse on December 14. So given that I expect that there will be lot of ups and downs and this virus may not be fully contained and it will raise his head here and there no one then and also even if any vaccine is found rolling out that vaccine and testing the vaccine testing it on people will have some obstacles. So it will basically prolong throughout the year and also even when the Coronavirus crisis is resolved. There will be instability in the economy. Some of the changes that happen in the world, like in the case of Europe and trade tariffs and the trade war between U.S and China, these things do not make it easy to get back to a state of equilibrium stable equilibrium. So we will struggle economically for the rest of the year and actually for another of year and half. I advised people a year ag or so, in my previous panchangas, to stay away from the stock market. 
From the late 2021, the stock market will pick up again and then they will be worthwhile investing in the market for now. It is safer to stay away from the stock market.  And of course,  if you are already in the market, and if your stocks are doing very low you can you can probably just stay there but I don’t expect a recovery in the stock market anytime soon and also apart from these health related issues and financial issues. There will be in a state of anxiety and that will result in social unrest and that may result in some kind of Revolutions in various parts of the world and especially in China people. There  is unrest in China at the grass root level. But because people’s lives were improving because of the economic situation all the pollution was successfully contained and never really came to the surface, and this is what I expect and this is something that I exactly predicted a few years ago with respect to China.
Because of all these economic tensions and because Chinese government did not handle the coronavirus virus crisis, there will be a revolution in China and that will basically come into the surface and my expectation is in the next few years China will end up breaking into multiple parts, into multiple countries just like what happened with USSR in 1980s. The same fate awaits China not in the next three four years. It will definitely happen from 2030 to 2034  .

One more thing is because of all the rebellion and internal troubles, China will become very aggressive and the Communist Party of China will go to war with some countries, for example, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc, maybe more, and then maybe some other theaters also and I do expect the southeast Asia.
I do expect in the next few years another war with Iran as the center and  that will result in a lot of destruction. All this may not happen in the coming year. But we will definitely trace everything back to this year. Just like the rise of ISIS, all the disturbance in the beliefs that we see now trace back to what happened in 2001. Similarly, what is happening this year and the instability caused by it in the next few years will have a chain reaction. And as a result of this, bottom line is I expect the destructive phase which is essential for cleaning up and cleansing the world and stopping the world of an unsustainable and unhealthy lifestyle.

This consumerism that the western civilization has pushed on the world is not sustainable especially with India, China, Brazil, and other countries with lot of population. Also the consumerist way of living is just unsustainable environment and the Earth cannot support this lifestyle. So this is basically a feedback mechanism nature is using to make sure that like in our body if you have some bad cells, if there is for example a cut a wound, body will make sure that those dead cells are removed from the body and more cells are created there.
Similarly if you take the entire earthly environment as one whole ecosystem as one living being, it is conscious that the living being will make sure that any entities within it which are part of it. They are causing disturbance and which make it unsustainable. It will basically react against them and do some cleanup so that it can sustain itself for a long time. So similarly the harm that we human beings, especially in the last century and especially in the last few decades have caused to Earth and environment will be cleaned up. You would have done it in a smoother way yourselves, but we did not basically want to waste the time. So we will firstly see natural disasters, like wildfires will see volcanoes earthquakes. This kind of natural disasters will happen more frequently than we have seen historically and they will be weird climate pattern. 
And in addition people’s minds and be perverted and leaders will take bad decisions, which will result in water that will result in destruction. Overall. This year is the big year of all the initial changes that will cause the long-term changes in the world. This is a critical year for the world and there will be a lot of suffering and tension.