Exact Profession determination – Krishnamurty Padhati

Profession can be determined very easily by using Krishnamurty padhati. In this technique, we have to use the Bhav chalit Chakra and not the rashi chart to get the accuracy.

Example 1 :

Below is the Bhav Chalit chart of a Advocate who deals in property disputes. Lets see what his stars say as per Krishnamurty padhati.

According to KP Jyotish Padhati, a persons profession can be determined based on the following rule.

Ones profession is indicated by the Star lord in whose constellation the 10th Sub lord is deposited.

we can see that 10th Bhav Sub Lord is Mars.

Therefore for a Profession related to Property matters advocate ,

there should be some connection of stars or planets or Bhava’s with Mars (Properties) ,Ketu (Buildings), 6th Bhav (disputes). For own practice , 7th Bhav (Business or practice) 9th Bhav (self Boss) should be there and for Service 6th Bhav should be seen. If lagna lord has any connection with 6th , then he will do service else not.

Now look at his 10th House Sub Lord . Its Mars. Therefore this is confirmed that he will have connection with Properties. The 10th Sub lord Mars Star Lord is Rahu. Also Mars star lord is Rahu. Therefore Mars is very strongly connected with Rahu.

Rahu is in 7th House (Business). Rahu is co-lord of 2nd House and 2nd House denotes family accumulated wealth.

So Star lord of Mars (who also own 4th which is home , properties and 11th Income ) is connected with 2 (Family wealth ) and 7 (Self Business).

Lets go further.

Rahu is in Nakshatra of Venus (10th lord) which is in 3rd House and owns 5th and 10th House. Therefore this has established his connection with 10th House of Career. Therefore Venus has established connection with 3,5,10.

we can see that Mercury , lord of 6th (disputes) is in 2nd bhav and getting connected with rahu.

So lets Summarise:

10th Lord Venus is in star of Mercury (6th Bhav of disputes Lord) and Ketu (properties and co lord of Rahu) and sub Lord is Mars (properties and Bhav lord of 5th and 11th Income).

Hence all relevant rules of Krishnamurty Padhati have established and have been verified.

Example 2

Lets see the Chart of a native who works with Power Grid Corporation which is Government undertaking. He is a Human resource professional .

Lets apply the same rule again.

His 10th Bhav Lord is Surya (Government).

His 10th Bhav Sub Lord is Ketu. Surya is in rashi of shani and in 3rd Bhav with Mercury. Therefore 10th Bhav and 3rd Bhav are getting connected.

Ketu is deposited in the Star of Mars and Sub of Saturn.

Lets look at Mars , the nakshatra lord of Ketu. Ketu and Mars are Lagna lord (native himself) and 6th Lord (service). Mars is in 4th House aspecting 10th. Therefore this condition is perfectly matching.

Now focus on Saturn (Shani) which represents workers. Ketu Sub Lord is Saturn which shows that his work relates to Human resource management (managing workers).

So Following is the Summary

Surya – Lord of 10th Bhav and Naksahtra lord of 10th Bhav – 10,3

Ketu- 10th Sub lord – 1, 11

Mangal – Star lord of ketu – 1,4,6

Shani – Sub Lord of Ketu – 3,4,5

He does a routine and desk job (3rd Bhav) in Govt (Surya) , in HR Department (shani) and is in service (Mangal 6th lord) and his Birth place (Ketu Sub Lord mangal is in 4th Bhav of Birth place ) n Delhi

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