Rahu and Venus

Rahu and Venus are friends to each other. Venus’ desire for love, relationship, luxury, and a rich and fancy life is amplified by Rahu upto great extent and makes the native primarily a sex enthusiast and obsessed with sex, comfort, and money. Person with this conjunction of Venus & Rahu mostly have an attractive and magnetic look which attracts opposite sex easily. They can even travel to the places, break taboos and cultural boundaries to be with someone they are obsessed about. Since Rahu shows foreign items and ideas, love and relationships can occur with someone who is of a different cultural background or someone living in foreign lands.
Characteristics of the natives of Rahu and Venus
The real objective of the native in married/love life will always to fulfill the sexual desire.
This is a never-ending search for the native and difficult to gratify in the lifetime.
However, at the same time, these people are believer of a perfect relationship and they tend to find it.
It’s hard for these people to be single for a long time
Women with these combinations are quite magnetic and attractive. If this combination occurs in a female horoscope in a bad sign and house, it can lead the person into the prostitution.
Rahu and Venus conjunction makes the person dominating and having multiple relationships, success mainly in perishable non-living pursuits is depicted such as vehicles, well to do life style, entertainment, travels, property etc.
They don’t have good looks or bear appearance akin to common people they are capable of gathering people around them.
Effects of Rahu and Venus
The combination of Rahu and Venus in the first house of the birth chart provides the person with magnificent looks. The woman tends to become very beautiful and have an attractive personality There are higher chances of having extramarital affairs because a person gets easily disinterested in his partner. He holds a strong desire for love and physical relationship and will never compromise on it. They will have to face many ups and downs in regard to fortune in his life. He is expected to be blessed with a large number of sisters. They might face a problem with studies frequently due to distraction and lack of focus.