Rashi residence

Accordingly to Phaladeepika , each of the rashis have their place. Tis means that such rashis reside there or show characterstics of such places. Lets see what Phaldeepika has to say.

mesha – pastoral lands and mountains. It lives in hidden places, fire, and the mines of metals and gems. It resides in the east and is related to kings. It wanders in hills.

vrishbha– summits of mountains, cowsheds, and other places of animal habitats and agricultural lands. resides in the south. It represents villages and businessmen.

maithuna-dance, music, art gallerias, artists, and entertainments are enveloped in its residence. It lives in the west is strong in nights. It lives in villages .

karka- Agricultural lands, water bodies, river sides and picturesque places. It resorts to forests and represents Brahmans.

simha – Forests, forts, caves, mountains are considered to be its residence. It resides in the east and is strong during daytime.

kanya – lives in the green places, places fit for sexual activity (4th from maithuna) and artistic places. a hill-resorter, and is strong in daytime. It resides in the south. It has grains and fire in its hands. It belongs to the business community

tula –  places of merchandising, and lands yielding good vegetables. It relates to the western direction and resorts to land. It is destructive or mischievous (‘Dhatin’). It represents Sudras or the 4th Varna. 

vrishchika – caves, water bodies and poisonous shrubs, and places fit for venomous snakes, insects and pythons, basements, underground.  It denotes Brahmins and resides in holes. Its direction is north and is strong in daytime. It is reddish-brown and resorts to water and land.

dhanu – dwells in the forests infested by elephants, stables, armories, vehicles of war fares and so on . It resides in the east, resorts to land and is splendorous.

makar – places include rivers, forests. Represents the southern direction. It is strong in nights.  it resorts to both forests and lands.

kumbha – Shallow areas, lands producing coarse vegetables, markets of birds, alcohol, and women and gambling dens are the places of its dwelling. It resorts to deep water. It rules Sudras, the 4th Varna, and the west.

meena -dwells in the holy places of religious divine and social importance. It rules the north.

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