Rashi or zodiac sign

Rashi (means quantity) is the time zone of the cosmos. Each rashi is of 30 degrees and can be subdivided into minor time zones called nakshatra or navamsa , drekkena , dasamasa . These rashis carry different set of energies and gunas. The subdivision of rashis give vital clues about every aspect of life such as age , career , marriage , personality behavior etc.

Planets move in the rashis and give effects. The birth chart or you can say the entire universe is divided into 12 rashis and when sun moves into each of these rashis , the season changes . When sun is into a particular rashi its called Sun sign and when moon is into particular rashi its called moon sign. The Sun and moon are responsible for entire creation and hence the study of the sun and moon in a particluar rashi becomes very important. Let us see the number of rashis and what are their indian and western names and who is the lord of each rashi.

Table 1

English names and symbols

Table 2

The above picture is the Birth chart or your can say division of the universe and rashi’s have natural ruler ship of certain houses or Bhavs in Birth chart. The picture below shows what is the Goal of each of these 12 parts or time zones in Birth chart

Table 3

  • Dharma – Duty, righteousness , soul
  • Artha – Sustenance (money , wealth house)
  • Kama – Desire (greed . lust, fall of soul)
  • Mosksa – Liberation (spirituality)

Now we can see in the Twin charts below which rashi rules which Bhav in Birth Chart. It clearly shows which rashi promotes what. e.g mesha (aries), simha (leo) , dhanu (saggitarius) promotes dharma and hence these are called dharma rashi and it has fire content .

Table 4

Let us understand each rashi and see what energy it carries.

Aries or mesha (0 degree to 13.20 Degrees)

Moon in Aries represents bold emotions, direct expression, straightforward intuitive impulse and nourished by following one’s drive.

What does rishi Parasara says about this rashi

Chapter 4: 6-7 of the Brhat Parasara Hora shastra says :

Mesha described.

“The Mesha is blood-red in complexion.

  • lt has a prominent (big) physique.
  • It is a quadruped (4 legs) Rashi and strong during night.
  • It denotes courage.
  • It resides in the East and is related to kings.
  • It wanders in hills and predominates in Rajo-Guna
    • (the second of the three constituent qualities
    • and the cause of great activity in living beings).

It rises with its back (a Prishtodaya Rashi) and is fiery.

Its ruler is Mangala.”

This is the first rashi of the zodiac . It has 3 nakshatra in its span which are as follow :

  • asvini (ketu rules this)
  • bharani (shukra rules this)
  • Krittika (surya rules this).

Therefore now we have the 3 combinations of 3 sub time zones and planets moving in the zodiac may come into a particular time zone. When sun and moon come into these sub time zones , let us see their effects and also study some charts to understand better. As we move into sub and sub sub time zones of each rashi , certain secrets shall get revealed.

asvini (mangal-ketu zone).

The rashi lordship is mangal (agni) and ketu (agni). This zone has got very high agni and no watery planet is welcome such as Venus or moon. If any watery planet will come in this zone of rashi, the water will boil. Therefore if moon comes here , mind will be aggressive , mother (moon) will be aggressive. if Venus or shukra comes here , then relationships or love will suffer or expect aggression in relationships and aggressive love making. Water and fire are enemy elements.

who will comfortable here ? Surya and mangal (mars) himself will feel comfortable here in this asvini time zone as they also carry agni tattva. The Vayu planets such as shani , rahu will be neutral on tattva level (elemental level). Since this rashi is in dharma zone , shani and rashu are adharma graha and hence when they come and sit in this rashi zone , they will push the native to fall of dharma or adharma may get burnt and person will acquire spiritual attainment.

Ketu rules scorpio sign which is a sign of transformation , change , suddenness. Therefore the person will experience or shall be compelled to do certain kind of transformation in this zone .