Saturn and Ketu

Both the Planets i.e. Saturn and Ketu are natural malefic (Paapa & Krura both) and their conjunction and yoga is of a deadly nature. As we can see that the characteristics of both the planets is opposite, one is most materialistic (Saturn) and other is most spiritual (Ketu). Their conjunction will mark a beginning of conflict in person. All the saints and Sanyasis (renunciate). Ketu makes one give away material life and follow the path of spiritual enlightenment and salvation. Ketu is also the ruler of spirits and paranormal beings. If Saturn is more powerful than a false Sage is born, he will show to be spiritual but will be very materialistic inside.
Characteristics of the natives of Saturn and Ketu
The native with this yoga will face a huge problem in choosing the life path
These people initially have too much of inferiority complexes but later in life they learn to overcome their inferiority complexes
the native from all the complexity of the Saturn.
The person not able to connect with career place and also not able to connect from a respected social position.
The person try to fulfill his ambitions but due to Ketu not able to do it.
This may even make a touch of argument with the masses, as their unpredictable thoughts and behavior in the society will be unacceptable
Effects of Saturn and Ketu
This conjunction of Saturn & Ketu in native is seen to make native good in research and exploration kind of work because of their habit to go to extremes, if the energy associated with conjunction is wisely utilized.
If fine balanced Saturn Ketu conjunction is there in native’s horoscope then it is excellent for spiritual practice, having deep knowledge and understanding of the inner meaning of the things.
Since Ketu represents extreme hence it is observed that these native will be reluctant in their efforts in career, profession but at times they use to work really very hard with full dedication.