Saturn and Rahu

The conjunction of Saturn and Rahu is the main cause of harmful Shrapit Yoga. If there is a confluence of the Saturn and Rahu in any house in your horoscope, then your birth chart becomes cursed (Shrapit).
Rahu represents focus and where you are most likely to put your efforts and in this it can also represent insatiable desires too. Saturn is the most feared planet of all, and for more reasons than one. It is not there in the cosmos to make everything cakewalk for you. It is there giving us hardships, teaching us lessons of life.

Characteristics of the natives of Saturn and Rahu
Saturn’s empire which primarily deals with suppression, compression, depression, sorrow, law etc. Rahu disrupts through these areas.
Person with Rahu and Saturn Combination in birth or navamsa chart will be doing everything to fulfill his/her motive and obsessions.
native to indulge into scandalous deeds, smuggling, nefarious activities etc.
Jupiter then many times give intense mental afflictions leading towards harming self, suicidal tendencies If Saturn is strong (own sign, mool trikona, exaltation, higher in degree than Rahu) then much relief can
be felt from aforesaid.

Conjuncts then struggles increases, growth slows and much delay or obstacles in the first half of life is seen, after age of 36 things start improving.
Effects of Saturn and Rahu

Rahu mainly exacerbates and complicates the characteristics of the sign and house he occupies in a horoscope and also aligns itself with the nature of any planet it comes in conjunction with.
Hence in the case of Saturn conjunct Rahu in a birth chart, Rahu works as double Saturn in the chart and this can be of much serious effects.
However there are many positive exceptions also.
For instance, when Saturn is a Yoga karaka planet or is the ascendant lord and is placed with Rahu in a trine or quadrant house [while the lord of that house is either exalted or in own sign, without any other affliction], then this Saturn and Rahu conjunction creates a massive Raj Yoga.
Further, a well placed Jupiter in the birth or transit chart can easily and effectively moderate the negative effects of this yoga.
The results of this conjunction can be quite detrimental or at least significantly obstructive yet very important and potent.

However the effects can be very positive too under certain conditions.
Rahu doesn’t have any physical body and is said to have a nature that is in some ways similar to that of Saturn.