Shani in Eighth Bhava

People with Shani in eighth bhava tend to be patient, economical, and hard working. These individuals are self-made disciplined people, who can sacrifice the short-term happiness to meet their end goals. They don’t mind missing their social life to work more to reach a better financial position. Shani in eighth bhava also causes delay and obstructions in matters relating to inheritance, debt, and sexual satisfaction. Shani in eighth bhava encourages people to plan and always think a few steps ahead with regards to what is going to happen in their lives.
Characteristics of Shani in eighth bhava:
8th house is the house of Longevity and Saturn is the signifier of longevity.
The placement of Shani in eighth bhava may signify that the natives will need to re-invent themselves from time to time. So, this placement may also point to a fluid personality and dynamic situation.
Saturn in the eighth house in their birth chart know how to work hard and are all the time patient. Saturn in the 8th house catalyzes a forceful thrust into a world of isolation and causes a dark lethargy to blanket the personality, one which incites frequent lifestyle modifications in desperation.
This position of Saturn also interferes with one’s health.
8th house also deals with the inheritance and other people money.
Very disciplined and looking to make as much money as possible, they may forget about their social and sexual lives, losing themselves into work.
Lineage of the natives of Shani in eighth bhava:
the eighth house stands for the natives’ attitude towards giving up the remains of the past, so that they can move forward in life and grow & develop natives having Saturn here will have penetrating thoughts and an energy that makes their ego shine.
person is talented, work-efficient, and practical in nature thus benefits in the long run despite occasional obstacles.
Saturn in the eighth house can make a very powerful influence on the lives and minds of natives.
The natives will benefit in life if they have the right attitude towards change. They should be ready for change.
The natives who have Saturn in the eighth house tend to be patient, economical and hard working.
The position of Saturn in the 8th house also interferes with the health of the natives. The natives of Saturn in the 8th house should come forward and figure out as to how can they address their problems in a better manner.