Shani in Eleventh Bhava

Having Shani in eleventh bhava means the native will know many people but there will only be a few that they will actually be close to. They would struggle to make true friendships. This could be due to their introverted
nature and also due to a difficult experience in childhood. Once they seal your associations with trust, these friendships last forever. They are often attracted to groups and communities that have a serious purpose. They are not someone who would be interested in chitchat and gossip. Shani in eleventh bhava makes people be dependable friends, care about others’ feelings and not like dealing with superficial or dull people.
Characteristics of Shani in eleventh bhava:
The arrival of Shani in eleventh bhava would bestow the native with good social presence and good relations around and high aspirations to the person.
People born with Shani in eleventh bhava in their birth chart have lots of acquaintances but no too many close friends, and these are likely to be older than them.
It reminds its natives of self-control, responsibilities, and commitments.
Saturn here signifies earning through government, contracting work with government, service in government organization.
If you lead a disciplined life and learn from mistakes, the second half of life would be much rewarding.
They would give all the required endeavor in their walk and would fight with obstacles for which even if their path would remain quiet harsh but they will reach good heights of professional and social arena
and would attain good affluence & position.
Lineage of the natives of Shani in Eleventh Bhava:
Their high endurance & patience further strengthens their path.
The natives of Shani in eleventh bhava may easily become bored and tired of socialization and might prefer to stay alone at times
They may fear being normalized and losing their special place and value in their social circles.
the natives have chances to involve in such activities. It is all the more likely with retrograde Shani in eleventh bhava in birth chart.
This means friendships, relationships with colleagues and members of the family as a whole.
Natives having Shani in eleventh bhava may grow tired of socializing and will want to spend most of their time alone.

The individual starts with moderate or meagre income but gradually and steadily reaches high levels of earnings, as well as direct and indirect income too.
The people born with Shani in eleventh bhava would carry good relationships around as they would develop bonds with many in the social arena but their intimate & close relationships would only be few though they would possess numerous friends around.