Shani in Ninth Bhava

Shani in Ninth Bhava makes the native religious, pious and spiritually inclined. These individuals treat life as an over-stretched journey that leads to self-realization. Such people have a conservative outlook towards life and their philosophy of life is quite traditional too. They always stand for their orthodox opinions. And in doing that, they may also criticize others’ views and beliefs. Such a person have deep interest in the occult areas of life. This placement of Saturn makes people open-minded and to not say no to new ideas but also value their time and not get involved in just about anything.
Characteristics of Shani in Ninth Bhava:
People born with Shani in Ninth Bhava in their birth chart have the most conservative philosophical and religious beliefs and they take them very seriously.
The ninth house is about the freedom to roam the edges of mental and physical frontiers.
the 9th house resides on the opposite side of the 3rd, which rules over the subconscious.
The placement of Saturn in the ninth house can make the natives religious, pious and spiritually inclined.
Their valor and enthusiasm will be well known which they exhibit at the time of adversities.
The Ninth House is the realm of ever-broadening horizons, as a student of life. Instead of just learning it from a book, the ninth is about experiencing life and assimilating it into who you are.
Lineage of the natives of Shani in Ninth Bhava:
The natives are more likely to be practical-minded.
The natives of Shani in Ninth Bhava may even be conservative and closed to new ideas.
These natives concentrate on profound issues and are usually good at doing this.
The native will be warrior, he/she carries never give up attitude, admired by their knowns for their fighting spirit which they have.
native can flourish well in the judiciary as a lawyer, excellent teacher, follows yogic practices and philosophies, native will be pleasant looking attractive and behaves well with others.
native to go abroad and become successful financially, however obstructions could be there too, all depends upon the aspect and influence of other planets upon Saturn.
the native is philosophical and introspective in nature, he or she can be self-suspicious at times.
These individuals may treat life as an over-stretched journey that leads to self-realization.
These natives may have an intense interest in occultism. Their concentration level is good but they should not overuse their energy in one thing.