Shani in Second Bhava

Shani or any other planet when it is placed in a Rashi completely depends on the placement of its depositor planet. Second bhava is the face, facial expressions, Speech, family, basic education, knowledge, etc. Shani is called as “Mando Alasa” which means Shani is a very slow-moving & represents laziness as per Brihat Jataka. This placement of Saturn makes people likely to work hard and tirelessly to achieve the high goals they set for themselves, and also care a lot about money.

Characteristics of Shani in second bhava:
This means the native will have to go through all the karmas related to these houses in the Maha Dasa, Antar Dashas of Saturn, planets who are directly or indirectly connected to Saturn. It has many positive effects too on money, wealth, marriage, speech etc for both males and females. Shani or Saturn being planet of discipline, follower of rules and regulations, family Males & females with Saturn in 2nd house will be wealthy, rich if unafflicted but miser and accumulates much money and becomes successful and prospers in foreign lands. People born with Shani in second bhava in their birth chart are pragmatic, serious and dutiful,
especially when it comes to wealth.
Lineage of the natives:
Man & woman make a lot sacrifices and turn off desires of any luxury or comfort personally in pretext to save money. Native may get married twice or more because of disturbed family and relationship. He will earn while dealing with labors, servants, metals, storage, leather, mine and antique items, etc. It’s good to save and to feel secure that dark times won’t follow, but stressing too much about this issue is never a good thing. Individuals may be too cautious about where they are putting their money. The natives of Shani in second bhava may be born in poor conditions or they may have quickly learned how to survive on very fewer resources
The natives of Shani in second bhava from Lagna should treat themselves properly and enjoy even the small things in life. That the natives will find it challenging to acquire materialistic possessions like house, car, and so on
the natives of Saturn in the second house may be over-cautious while investing their money into financial instruments. The natives may strongly prefer debt funds over equity funds. The natives of Shani in second bhava may get too much into saving money for the future. These natives might be working too hard or too long and just achieve some medium level income,
feeling depressive of not reaching their tall goals.