Shani in Seventh Bhava

Shani in seventh bhava makes people take their relationships of all kinds very seriously and also be the most loyal and dependable out there. Having Shani in seventh bhava means you may fall for a partner who is older than you in age. However, your relationship is based on loyalty, trust, and dependability. But there could also be a feeling of limitation in your relationship like it is not as fulfilling as it should be yet your partnership would be permanent or long-term in nature. Despite being unhappy in an association, you may find it difficult to part ways.
Characteristics of Shani in Seventh Bhava:
This is a very sorrowful experience but unless material urges are suppressed spirituality within a man can not prosper.
Saturn is well- known for its malefic influence on the natives’ life, but when placed in a good sign, it becomes advantageous and positively impacts the natives in their relationship.
People born with Shani in seventh bhava in their birth chart may romantically attract individuals who are older because they take love seriously and work hard for their relationships.
7th house will cause significant delay in marriage, difference either in age, status or at least in the mental level of the marrying partner means husband and wife Saturn is afflicted and weak, it can create animosity with Business partner or Spouse.
Lineage of the natives of Shani in Seventh Bhava:
Generally, wife or husband of person with shani in 7th house may not be good looking and not of clear or fair complexion.
Your partner would have a strong urge to put your life in order
Shani in seventh bhava people can be many things because this planet influences them in many directions, as a result of the energy it resonates.
The natives who have this placement can either rise very high or fall steep down, depending on the nature of Saturn’s placement in the 7th house.
the natives with wealth and fame. Saturn is a slow-moving planet and this principle influences the natives.
Saturn in the seventh house bestows the natives with power, wisdom, knowledge and leadership qualities.
They praise each other, share values and support each other through thick and thin.

Shani reflects karmic influence which means ” what goes around comes around” and this influences the natives’ life in a big manner.
With Shani in seventh bhava of marriage, the mutual understanding between life partners becomes the backbone of their relationship.
The male and female natives of Shani in seventh bhava are ambitious and passionate about their love life.