Shani in Sixth Bhava

Shani in sixth bhava is favourable for the native. It protects the individual against enemies, competitors, jealous friends and relations, normal diseases and illnesses. It helps enhancement of prestige and increases the social circle. This placement of Saturn makes people be hard-working and
disciplined, always ready to learn from their own mistakes and weaknesses. In Vedic astrology, Shaniis considered the strict judge or the stern disciplinarian. This planet is chiefly focused on the conduct of
the individuals. Those who do well are rewarded, those who do bad are punished. Well, the planet Shani is also associated with restrictions and limitation.
Characteristics of Shani in Sixth Bhava:
People born with Shani in sixth bhava in their birth chart may have some problems with their health if they aren’t carefully watching their diet and if they don’t exercise from time to time.
the themes of Saturn seem depressing but the planet brings structure and meaning to the world.
The Shani in sixth bhava in Vedic astrology shows that the planet is the most comfortable in the sixth house.
They want adequate appreciation and recognition, which is quite fair
their surroundings are not always the perfect ones or one of their colleagues will make their life a living hell.
Lineage of the natives of natives of Shani in Sixth Bhava:
these natives will most likely confront themselves with all kind of problems in the workplace.
Thus, natives of Shani in sixth bhava take professional work very seriously.
The natives’ mind, matter, space and time may be preoccupied with professional tasks and structures so much so that they may be too busy to feel useful.
This is the house that rules as well over self-denial, influencing natives to not enjoy life’s pleasures.
The spouse of this individual easily suspects the individual of infidelity or immoral relations with a third person, whether there is justifiable cause for it or not.
Stomach related issues mostly due to wind (gas) will be certainly troubling the native and will become as the age progresses.
Native of Shani in sixth bhava loves to eat a lot, at times become voracious eater.
The 6th house is the house of self-denial, implying that under its influence, the natives put off pleasing themselves.
Thus, natives of Shani in sixth bhava take professional work very seriously.