Shani in Twelfth Bhava

Shani in twelfth bhava leads towards isolation – at least for a couple
of hours for a man to hide from the world and find peace all alone. People with Shani in twelfth bhava whether they want it or not – solve the problems of others, sympathizing deeply – sometimes even relating to those who suffer in any way. So sometimes they seem sad, depressed – taking over the troubles of other people. Saturn in 12th house gives a lot of troubles, brought upon by circumstances or people. Sometimes, their health may go downhill due to some chronic disease. They may have to face
frequent hospitalization.
Characteristics of Shani in Twelfth Bhava:
This house relates to the 12th sign in the zodiac circle, Pisces that also relates to intuition, isolation, and imagination.
This placement of Saturn makes people enjoy their own company, be meticulous and spiritual but this is not to say they can’t enjoy a fun escapade either.
Such a person is likely to be involved in human welfare and service somehow.
These people are tormented by the feeling of guilt also, and even when they are not guilty, they put up with accusations and assaults very often and with no real cause.
They’re all the time feeling guilty about everything and have no idea to identify where all this is coming from.
Lineage of the natives of Shani in Twelfth Bhava:
The natives with this placement will have to deal with setbacks early in their life, so they’ll always want to place some harsh realities they may have been dealing with into their unconscious.
The person has the capability to acquire higher knowledge of spiritual and social realms.
there could also be a strong desire to escape societal pressures and live on your own.
The natives born with Shani in twelfth bhava would be quiet reserved in attitude and would prefer to stay in lurk arenas and solitude as they would feel secure in them.
These natives won’t possess many pleasant relations around neither they would be very much involved in public activities as they will prefer to work hard behind the scenes besides which they would not receive the worthy recognition and reward for their endeavor.
The natives born in this placement of Saturn in twelfth house would lack at self belief and would be quiet unstable at the mental composure.
The natives of Shani in twelfth bhava would be fearful of harsh realities of life and would be very sensitive to the evilness prevailing in the air.