Shukra in Eleventh Bhava

Shukra in eleventh bhava gives the native an affable personality. Such a person is quick to make friends. They tend to be quite popular and liked among tehir social sphere. They also get a lot of support from their
friend circle when needed. They may receive financial assistance from their social connections. Those who belong to Shukra in eleventh bhava are blessed with adoring friendships. This is an important part of their lives and they need it in order to be happy.
Characteristics of Shukra in Eleventh Bhava:
 Friendship is the most important aspect of love for Shukra in Eleventh Bhava and is the main thing that keeps you around.
 Most of their friends are likely to be female companions.
 Venus gives more auspicious results which become more auspicious in the financial sector.
 The 11th house is a house of friendships, social interactions, groups, etc.; it is also the house of the earnings from one’s profession.
 The natives of Shukra in Eleventh Bhava always look at the unique qualities of people and pick out those parts that they love best to focus on.
 the person is very clear of the heart, is friendly to his friends with all the help and timely but he does not find the right friend.
Lineage of the natives of Shukra in Eleventh Bhava:
 The natives of Shukra in Eleventh Bhava should be careful that they do not over-indulge when hanging out with friends.
 Natives with Shukra in Eleventh Bhava should not suppress their own identity in an attempt to please others.
 He/She may not have a male child.
 The native could have been friends with their loved one first before they started dating and entered a committed relationship.
 They need to form a firm bond with their partners, based on mutual support and trust.
 They often meet their partners through some social network or group and that is usually someone they share similar interests in group activities.
 They are encouraged by group activities and want to make sure everyone, including themselves, is having a good time.
 these natives should be careful that they do not over-indulge when hanging out with friends.
 The person wishes to have a daughter, but the daughter is given only on the basis of the life partner’s marriage.
 He has the ability to do the work that he does not know.
 They are relaxed and open-minded and seek partners with same qualities.
 They usually don’t give any cause for doubt and jealousy and consider such emotions a sign of disrespect of their loyalty.