Shukra in First Bhava

Natives of Shukra in first bhava tend to have charming physique in general. They have individualized relationships. They enjoy movement. With their attractive appearance, they attract attention very easily. They are sensual and artistic by nature. In terms of finance, beauty, music and
pleasure, they are especially great. They may be a dancer, actor, politician, musician, fashion model, etc. Basically, the natives are generally successful in the public eye. They can use their attractiveness to gain in terms of money and prosperity. They can also use the sensual aspects of art, music, foods and scents to their benefit. In competitions and fights, they relish an easy win.
In case of the native being a male, the spouse of the native stands affective or influential to the building or improving of the native’s personality. They tend to spend money on their appearance, personal style, or on services that provide beautification, etc., such as public stylists and more.
Their appearance is their most evident quality. They are full of friendliness, amiable entertainment, liveliness and pleasantness.
They give importance to their relationships. Their social behavior is defined by how they maintain their relationships pleasantly. They tend to re-bargain their terms of agreement.
They also enjoy providing their loved ones with valuable gifts as well. They are attractive to women, no matter what gender they belong to. These traits are enhanced when the graha is accompanied by another graha. The natives enjoy being attended to, at all times.They enjoy being photographed,
admired, appreciated, recognized, etc. They tend to have a natural tendency to be able to maintain balance between relationships of any sort.
 They can be described as wealthy, noble, handsome, happy, learned, impressive, etc.
 They need to be aware of dogs or any animal with horns.
 They are talkative, polite and gentle by nature.
 They are a part of good deeds and polite conversations.
 They may come across as ungrateful.
 They are skilled as an adviser, preceptor, etc.
 They generally live happily and are quite social.
 They are generous and fair.
 They are generally liked and appreciated by the opposite sex.