Shukra in Ninth Bhava

The native of Shukra in ninth bhava is very kind and humble, believer of God, happy at homeland a reputable person. He/She is interested in traveling, travels abroad and religious places. The native of Shukra in ninth bhava can be successful in fields of art and literature. Economic
benefits are obtained from marriage. If the native of Shukra in ninth bhava is a female, she will be a fanatic person, even after years of depending upon the proximity between the two. But if the person towards whom
romantic approach is made takes serious objection or rebuffs or seeks support of others to stop the nuisance, the matter ends there.
Characteristics of Shukra in Ninth Bhava:
It is also the house of long journeys, and travels to distant countries, foreign cultures, airway travels, religion, churches, religious authorities, religious studies, law system, attorneys, judges, courts, immigration, publishing, writing, legal profession, universities, professors, transport, trade, teachers,
vacations, published writings, etc.
The interest of the native of Shukra in ninth bhava falls in areas of study such as philosophy, religion and higher learning.
Shukra in ninth bhava makes its natives easily adaptable and very warm
They have the ability to strike a chord between two different cultural or aesthetic communities.
They’re not on any way clingy or needy when it comes to love, because they want freedom and to continue developing as individuals.
Lineage of the natives of Shukra in Ninth Bhava:
The natives of Shukra in ninth bhava are likely to be fair-minded
Cordial relationship with the spouse and in-laws proves beneficial to the natives, especially with female relatives.
They want a person who’s ready for adventure and doesn’t mind exploring the world at their side.
tend to be fair-minded, good at being the go-between in matters requiring an objective opinion.
Natives express themselves socially, romantically and artistically when sharing their love for philosophy, all kind of studies and exploring their intellectual abilities or traveling to faraway places, where they can
learn about new religions and cultures.
Venus is affected by bad planets, the person will have sexual relation with an older person. Venus in ninth house is often an indication of ending up in a relationship with someone who lives far away from the person, a foreigner, or with someone from a different cultural background.
Their partners should also be tolerant and allow them to express their needs freely.
Their partners should also be tolerant and allow them to express their needs freely.