Shukra in Second Bhava

The natives of Shukra in second bhava are generally interested in banking, treasured collections, storage, story-telling, etc. They enjoy luxury. They recognize the worth of second marriage.
 The natives of Shukra in Bhava II are delightful speakers.
 They can be good poets due to their charming communication skills and abilities to speak cheerfully.
 They are soft-spoken.
 They can be described as well-read, lustful and passionate.
 Having the best at their disposal is what interests them.
 Wealth sources are more than one.
 They are impressive in assembly.
 They enjoy owning many nice clothes.
 They have deep wisdom and are fond of dairy products and good food.
 The native finds the ability to keep historic traditions of the spouse important.
 The basis of their marriage may be formed by the treasuries of capital wealth that the native’s partner or spouse possesses.
 The native appreciates the importance of history and language in human culture.
 Their aesthetic tastes are well-developed.
 They own wealth and are able to manage it very well by themselves.
 In case of the native being a husband-role, the second wife is probable to be more beautiful and sensual.
 Typically, the life partner of the native happens to be wealthy and enjoys pleasures by sharing it with the native or their loved ones.
 Preparing attractive food is one of their interests. This food may also include that for the mind.
 They find music and arts attractive.
 They also find wealthy and sensual women attractive.
 They like fine qualities of material objects, too.
 They find pleasure in foods, drinks, fine scents, family culture, songs, cattle and dairy products, etc.
 Stored treasuries are a special pleasure for the natives. That may include histories, knowledge, wealth, herds, etc.
 The sources of their treasuries is knowledge, language and songs.
 They appreciate their family to a great extent.
The natives of Shukra in this house have an attractive face, especially their mouth and teeth. They may be attracted to the idea of becoming a architect, a hair-stylist or a facial surgeon.
They love singing and talking. They tend to spend money on luxurious food and drinks, beautification of their facial features such as mouth, teeth, hair, tongue, etc., art, music, women, ornaments, music, etc.