Shukra in Seventh Bhava

The natives of Shukra seventh bhava will rarely argue, because they want harmony to rule over their life with their significant other. It’s normal for them to lose themselves in a relationship that lasted for too long, allowing comfort and overindulgence to take over their life. Therefore, they may let
themselves go, put on some extra weight or no longer pay attention to the way they look. Like the goddess Venus, the planet Venus is the ruler of love and beauty. It rules romance and romantic love. This planet is the brightest of all the planets and is easily visible on the night sky.
Characteristics of the natives of Shukra in Seventh Bhava:
 Shukra is most powerful in Libra and Taurus because it rules these two signs. Shukra is also strong in Pisces where it is exalted. Shukra is also the natural ruler of the seventh bhava.
 Shukra in seventh bhava is an excellent position for long-term relationships. Venus is the natural ruler of the seventh house and when it is in this house it feels like at home.
 The person is wealthy, generous, famous in society, interested in music and literature. He/She will be fortunate after marriage.
 Venus represents love, pleasure, ambition, passion, devotion, and imagination.
 This placement is a perfect combination to bestow the native with a happy married life filled with affection, charm, and grace.
Lineage of the natives of Shukra in Seventh Bhava:
 These people desire to love and be loved and they begin seeking a suitable partner early in life
 He/She can be an adulterous person and suffering from anxiety.
 He/She will be liking and living a luxurious and high level life. He/She may have extra marital affairs, will have lots of opposite sex friends due to a good social circle and indulged in sexual activities.
 Shukra in seventh bhava natives are simply crazy about love and have the tendency to change partners when wanting to see how a new relationship feels like.
 These natives are also loving, caring, sensitive, and gentle in their personal life.
 The couples with Shukra in seventh bhava who have had a love marriage may experience a very healthy and joyful life.
 Individuals having Shukra in seventh bhava are the most successful when they can express their artistic, romantic and social skills through harmonious interactions with others.
 It’s possible for them to get married just for the money, so their materialistic nature will pretty much be obvious in this case. It’s like relationships are all they’re living for, because they can’t stand being alone.