Shukra in Sixth Bhava

People having Shukra in sixth bhava prefer to be in some form of routine, are very practical but also prone to worrying a bit too much. Presence of Shukra in sixth bhava indicates that the native will conquer all difficult situations and his fame will spread in the society. He will be benefited from business and happiness comes to his family. His financial position will be satisfactory. His interest for religious work will be visible. the individual especially in medical science or fine arts, generally help the concern
for the needy and the suffering or ill.
Characteristics in Shukra in Sixth Bhava:
 Shukra represents romance, love, harmony, beauty, creativity, pleasures, and enjoyment.
 The sixth house enjoys taking care of responsibilities and adding the final touches onto any project.
 It symbolises beauty, art, sophistication, attraction and so on. It also caters to comfort, luxury, indulgence, aristocracy.
 Their love will be expressed practically, and they’ll always support their other half with everything they can.
 They should be with someone who appreciates their love and generous nature, a person who’s ready to serve and to give them lots of love.
 Many of them are highly talented at design work, the reason being that they pay a lot of attention to all of the little parts that make up a whole, with the intention to find broader harmony in these systems.
Lineage of the natives of Shukra in Sixth Bhava:
 The native of Shukra in sixth bhava may have tense moments in his family life and will remain worried in his business matters.
 The natives of Shukra in sixth bhava are of service to their partner, which is very important to them. In fact, they may go to great lengths to be with their loved ones at all costs. His financial position will be satisfactory. His interest for religious work will be visible.
 Individuals love animals and all the joy these bring, so they will have their pets simply loving them.
 They think about the welfare of all at the workplace and try to make it a better and enjoyable working experience.
 This planet makes people crave sweets and sugars, so they should be very careful not to overindulge in eating desserts.
 The natives of Venus in the 6th house need to overcome their underconfidence in order to rise high and reach far.
 They have to gradually work on giving up their desire to be right always. Well, being a perfectionist may be why a part of people like working with them.