Shukra in Third Bhava

The planet Shukra in third bhava is about love, beauty, luxury, comfort, aristocracy and so on. It is also about softness, tenderness, culture and the sophisticated aspects of life. Besides, the 3rd house deals with siblings (brothers and sisters), writing, studies, mental inclinations and so on. So, when Venus is placed in the 3rd house, the natives are likely to be highly expressive, diplomatic and tactful. The placement of Shukra in third bhava will make the natives very grand, they will have the ability to win others with the power of their words, whether it’s because of your command over your expression or due to the beautiful voice.
Physical characteristics of Shukra in Third Bhava:
 The planet Venus carries the name of the Roman goddess of love and romance. This goddess was a well-respected deity for the ancient Romans.
 The natives of Shukra in third bhava are talkative, engaging and possess an ease of conversation.
 Those born with their natal Shukra in third bhava dance with Venus through their use of words and naturally spellbind others with their charming use of language.
 Venus represents love and sensuality in general but also symbolizes pleasure and the things that bring us the most joy.
 People having Shukra in third bhava will strive for variety in everyday life and are not known for looking back when they make a decision.
Lineage of the natives of Shukra in Third Bhava:
 They really prefer someone who’s a good conversationalist rather than a person who always looks good.
 The native will be wealthy and happy but will be a miser person.
 The natives of Shukra in third bhava are verbally very expressive and diplomatic.
 The individual has a natural love of anything to do with broadcasting such as magazines, books, creative writing, cinema and any form of mental stimulation.
 This placement of Shukra gives harmonious relationships with the person’s brothers and sisters.
 These natives express themselves both when they are talking and when they are writing.
 They are so skilled with their words they might become great at manipulating others if that is their preference. They can be very flattering and this brings people towards them.
 They know exactly how to whip up a hypnotic potion with the ingredients of language and easily seduces, coaxes, charms and soothes others with words.
 The natives of Shukra in third bhava usually fall in love with their neighbors or people in their close proximity, even if they enjoy going places for their romantic pursuits.