Shukra in Twelfth Bhava

The natives of Shukra in twelfth bhava are very romantic, because Venus is the planet of love and the 12th bhava or house rules over self-undoing. They will make their own world out of their partner and feel very hurt if not seeing where the limit between their own needs and the ones of their lover is. It gives romantic touch to the very nature of the person. Even slightest pressure or indication from any friend leads the individual
to drinks or any other kind of intoxication. It gives greed for gifts in kind instead of cash and expects the gifts to be richer than the capacity or intention of the giver.
Characteristics of the natives of Shukra in twelfth bhava:
 The 12th house rules secrets, hidden things, fears, secret affairs, issues caused by fear, health issues, isolation, places of isolation, prisons, retirement, karma, karmic duties, addictions, criminal activities, criminals, solitude, self-harm, secret societies, secret affairs, betrayals, partner’s health, etc.
 Venus is exiled to a Neptune island here, and the individual will long to take the person they love away to a private place where the rest of the world melts away beneath their entwined hands.
 the planet Venus represents compassion, cooperation, beauty, and the Arts.
 The 12th house is complemented by the loving power and grace of Venus.
 It gives a tendency of dissatisfaction over financial position, standard of living, and social status.
 Venus indicates less beauty, amorous nature and immoral life.
Lineage of the natives of Shukra in twelfth bhava:
 The native of Shukra in twelfth bhava might experience secret romances and love affairs that they won’t be able to publically present.
 The seeming inorganic need for interpersonal communion usually associates with a deeper urgency, an inferno burning from the lining of the soul, one that seeks an intimate, divine communion.
 They like being part of something bigger than themselves and are great group members.
 This can make you avoid going after someone you want to be with, and instead find someone “safe” or not be with someone at all.
 They can be very private about what and who they are interested in.
 The native of Shukra in twelfth bhava can be a successful poet, writer, painter, singer, dancer etc.
 These people often experience emotional hurt and pain because of their bad emotional and love experiences.
 These natives are very serious about romance and start living only for their partner as soon as they have fallen in love and got together with that person.