Sun and Jupiter

Sun conjunct Jupiter is considered an auspicious combination in Vedic Astrology, unless Jupiter is not combust. Both planets are friends to each other and are masculine. Natives having a conjunction of Sun and Jupiter in horoscope are usually astute and spiritually inclined due to the benefic presence of Jupiter. Sun’s influence makes the person get a higher position in government. A combination of Sun and Jupiter also ensures wealth to the native. People with this placement get recognition, name, and fame. most of the time positive thinking attracts many positive things in life so their natural optimism makes them beneficial in many ways.
Characteristics of natives of Sun and Jupiter
Native may be wise and brave.
Native may get success in his own attempts. He may be full with self ego. He may assume own self as a boss.
Native may be getting victory over his enemies. He may be cursed his enemies by own cleverness and wisdom.
Native may be in government jobs. He may be getting support by governments. He may be at administrative post.
Native has good name and fame. He may be faithful.
He kind and helpful person. He know his own duty and responsibility. He may be reputed and knowledgeable person.
He may be inclined towards accumulating wealth.
He may be suffering from liver related issues. He may has cholesterol related problem.
He may has short distance travelling. He may has good knowledge of occult and tantra shakti.
Effects of conjuction of Sun and Jupiter
Individuals with this Rajyoga have strong support from their father.
People with this Rajyoga will enjoy a prominent position in social life and will mostly be at the pinnacle of government jobs or civil services. These people enjoy wealth, fame and success but they also have to work hard for it.
The conjunction of Sun and Jupiter gives an individual a feeling of fulfilment and positive vibes to their personality.
Jupiter Sun conjunction will make a person get carried away by extravaganza of life.They tend to do everything in a big way.They love to live larger than life – life style.

Their knowledge boots their ego. Natal will have good relation with father. Learning the higher knowledge from the father can be seen.
Female with this placement may have delay or issues in marriage.