Sun and Ketu

Sun and Ketu conjunction: The Sun is regarded as the king among all planets while ketu is referred to as the shadow planet. When they both are in conjunction, ketu takes away the benefic effects of the sun. When sun
and Ketu are together they create misunderstanding from the paternal side including father, grandfather and other relatives of the paternal side. Let’s discuss about sun and ketu individually, then we talk about their conjunction effects. the struggler have to work hard, do many things to succeed but despite of their hard work and struggle, they do not succeed and always away from the limelight. Ketu is the big enemy of sun. As sun provides indiviual, Recognition, prosperity, name fame while there is
constant risk of ketu for being defamed by higher authorities, government and even elder members of family and society.
Characteristics of natives of Sun and Ketu
It is said that around 32 to 35 years in age, their confidence level can get a boost.
Sun and Ketu can create low confidence and lack of ego in the life of the native.
A low ego especially when coupled with a lack of self-confidence can create problems for the native.
The natives may have to work harder in order to succeed in life. They will put in a lot of efforts, but due to some or the other reason, they will not reach their much-desired destination. They should manage their fears and insecurities effectively. If they are unable to do, it may lead to a
worse situation.

Effects of Sun and Ketu
Such people may face some eye problems. They will have weak bones.
These people may face problems with the government and with their father. The native’s father may face many difficulties.
Ketu also gives bad results in this conjunction hence native’s male child, maternal uncle and other significations of Ketu suffer.
Under favorable influences, this conjunction instigates towards positivity. The native can do multi-tasking and multi-threading in their mind.