Sun and Ketu

Sun and Ketu: Sun is regarded as the king among all planets while Ketu is referred to as the shadow planet. When they both are in conjunction, Ketu takes away the benefic effects of the sun. When sun and Ketu are together
they create misunderstanding from the paternal side including father, grandfather and other relatives of the paternal side. Let’s discuss about sun and ketu individually, then we talk about their conjunction effects. Natal suffers from low confidence and lack of ego. In this materialistic world, we need some ego to complete our day to day affairs. Here that ego always goes into isolation.
Characteristics of natives of Sun and Ketu
The natives of Sun Ketu conjunction have a subdued ego.
these individuals can become highly spiritual in life. They may also have confidence issues. But that is likely to get resolved.
can create low confidence and lack of ego in the life of the native.
The native may hatch conspiracies against the individuals with whom they compete. This may turn him/her into a wrong human being.

They will put in a lot of efforts, but due to some or the other reason, they will not reach their much- desired destination
Native may has reddish face and weak eye sight and wear speculates. His face has natural magnetic attraction. He may has harsh look.
Effects of Sun and Ketu
The competitors make tarnish conspiracy against the individuals whom they compete.
This conjunction creates misunderstanding among father and the paternal side relatives.
The struggler have to work hard, do many things to succeed but despite of their hard work and struggle, they do not succeed and always away from the limelight.
It gives good knowledge about marriage and the marriage is always on the rock side.
The career where you can serve to people, work for the society like the profession of doctor, nurse, member of NGO, politician etc.
Such people may face some eye problems. They will have weak bones.
These people may face problems with the government and with their father. The native’s father may face many difficulties.