Sun and Mars

Sun and Mars are fierce planets; representing aggression, self-confidence, and action. Sun and Mars conjunction is powerful, and if it is positive, it can make the person fearless, self-assured, strong, vigorous, determined, ambitious, and a good-spirited person. Such a person is also short-tempered, reckless, argumentative and prone to telling lies. They tend to be inimical towards family and devoid of worldly comforts, but they love their siblings a lot. This is a great combination for professions such as military, sports and armed forces. Sun represents the soul, ego, self-esteem, father, government and King. Mars represents the shoulder in us. Its the fighting ability to achieve the goals. Its the vitality within us. Simply it’s the energy to take the actions. When these two planets conjoined in the birth chart, a person becomes very confident.
Characteristics of natives of Sun and Mars
it will make the native brave, intense, strong, determined and aggressive.
This planetary combination is good for professions like the army, or sports. They can even do well in politics.
They can confront and overcome even the toughest challenges with the help of their strong self-confidence.
The natives of Sun and Mars conjunction in 1st house have a strong presence. They can’t be ignored.
People can not be even indifferent towards them.
They got to be highly active and energetic. If they are not, it is quite likely that they may become quite confrontational.
They may get provoked over small issues and pick up quarrels, which may be detrimental to their image and also the harmony in their surroundings.
Effects of Sun and Mars
If the native is an employer, he or she can be too demanding and dictatorial in nature.
The native may turn out to be self-centered, aggressive, and even violent at times.
They are competitive and tend to enjoy challenges and opposition.
They have very good health and a surplus of energy that resists regimenting or sublimating.
These people are the bosses who shout at their subordinates in order to lead their team.