Sun and Mars

Both Sun and Mars are fierce planets; representing aggression, self-confidence, and action. Sun and Mars conjunction is powerful, and if it is positive, it can make the person fearless, self-assured, strong, vigorous, determined, ambitious, and a good-spirited person. Such a person is also short-tempered, reckless, argumentative and prone to telling lies. . Sun represents the soul, ego, self-esteem, father, government and King Mars represents the shoulder in us. Its the fighting ability to achieve the goals. Its
the vitality within us. Simply it’s the energy to take the actions. When these two planets conjoined in the birth chart, a person becomes very confident.
Characteristics of natives of Sun and Mars
They tend to be inimical towards family and devoid of worldly comforts, but they love their siblings a lot.
if the native is an employer, he or she can be too demanding and dictatorial in nature.
This is a great combination for professions such as military, sports and armed forces.
They got to be highly active and energetic. If they are not, it is quite likely that they may become quite confrontational.
The natives are quite focused in their approach. Mostly they are able to get what they want to get.
They like to perform and also win. When they are in sports, they can become formidable opponents.
They may get provoked over small issues and pick up quarrels, which may be detrimental to their image and also the harmony in their surroundings.
They are not disturbed if somebody doesn’t like them. On the contrary, they may take that as a challenge.

Effects of Sun and Mars
This conjunction is not termed favorable in Kendra as it is destructive, especially if under malefic influence.
These are very brave people who usually work in police and defence fields.
Even in politics. Soul with willpower makes them face challenges to satisfy their ego.
These people are the bosses who shout on subordinates to lead their team.