Sun and Mercury

Sun and Mercury is a common conjunction in horoscopes since Mercury is the closest planet to Sun. When Sun and Mercury conjunction takes place in a horoscope, it forms the Buddhaditiya Yoga. This suggests that the native would be a learned individual and use his or her intelligence to get name and fame. Native may also become an eloquent speaker. A career in advisory, consultancy, and management assistance would be suitable. Such a person is likely to be in the good books of eminent people and may share a cordial relationship with government officials or politicians.
Characteristics of natives of Sun and Mercury
Their combination is naturally good for the lives of the natives.
They are likely to be strong individuals, with towering and magnetic personalities.
They will dominate the scene with their intensity and strength.
Besides, in the Buddha-Aditya Yog, the natives will get the best results during the Mahadasha and Antardasha phases
The natives of Sun and Mercury conjunction in the 1st house will get tremendous success and happiness.
They are likely to be blessed with fame and wealth. They will also be intelligent and quite communicative.
the natives may just see the negative influence of Pitra Dosh and the benefits of Buddha Aditya Yog may be much subdued.
Effects of Sun and Mercury
It implies that a large portion of the individuals ought to be honored with the great results demonstrated by this yoga.
individual very much intelligent, expert in languages, education, journalism, writing, communication can favour the individual with awesome riches, extravagances and a decent wedded life alongside
different things.
The people are very good at dealing with money, budgeting, and accounting.
the Sun signifies Authority and Mercury signifies the Prince. Other people often listen to people
belonging to this particular house.
They make very good project managers and have a flair for writing. Individuals under such a beneficial impact are liable to end up exceptionally prosperous by the goodness of their qualities.