Sun and Mercury

Sun and Mercury: Sun represents authority, soul, self-confidence, father and king in Vedic astrology. Mercury is Prince. He is the Lord of speech, intelligence and logic. When these two planets conjoined in one house it gives excellent ” Budh Aditya yoga”. Sun and mercury conjunction gives good intelligence and creativity. They can become masters of a particular subject. The Sun and mercury conjunction makes a strong, opinionated person. This majestic combination may benefit a native in a position of authority. This conjunction shows strong intellect in a person, especially in the academic sense.
Characteristics of natives of Sun and Mercury
As Sun and Mercury are closest to each other astronomically, so their combination is naturally good for the lives of the natives.
They are likely to be strong individuals, with towering and magnetic personalities.
They will dominate the scene with their intensity and strength the natives extraordinary and bless them with the good characteristics of both the planets.
They are likely to be blessed with fame and wealth. They will also be intelligent and quite communicative.
This is likely to upgrade their level of education and also heighten the wisdom of the natives.
They also have a very quick grasp of academic subjects.
The natives are likely to get several opportunities to travel abroad
will make the individual fairer in complexion, pleasing in facial and physical appearance and quite decent and effective in talking the natives may just see the negative influence of Pitra Dosh and the benefits of Buddha Aditya Yog may be much subdued.
Effects of Sun and Mercury
Sun and Mercury conjunction is a highly auspicious and desired planetary combination. It combines the best of the two planets.
Mercury has wisdom and intelligence, Sun has centrality and primacy. Thus, your wisdom becomes the center of your social setting when this conjunction takes place.
Consequently, you are likely to get very popular and influential in your surroundings. This conjunction can take you very high.
They are likely to be strong individuals, with towering and magnetic personalities.

Father makes them learn all these techniques or they may have those qualities from Father.
They are proverbial in their high education, performing duties and achievements to occupy high position because they left no stone unturned in their respective fields.