Sun and Rahu

The Sun and Rahu are immediate enemies. They can’t stand each other as one is the ruler and the other is a criminal. In any case, when they are compelled to be in one house, Rahu transform -like nature to torment the Sun King. Rahu changes himself into the Sun which makes a twofold self image or a twofold standard in inner self. On one hand this individual has huge confidence and inner self to be perceived as a expert and pioneer on the earth, while then again Rahu needs to sneak its way into power by
deceiving and concealing the genuine truth from individuals. These pioneers may look genuine and earnest with regards to being worried for other’s welfare, however there is an underlining edge of double dealing.
Characteristics of natives of Sun and Rahu
the native with opportunities of self-expression and leadership.
The native of this planetary combination is likely to be lucky and fortunate. If luck shines on them, it will shine royally.
the person who has this conjunction will be full of confidence and will have a very charismatic personality.
The people with Sun Rahu conjunction are well suited to become prominent political leaders. In fact, the native may rise very high if he/she pursues a career in politics.
The individual will have a dual personality. He/she will be something and will pretend to be something else.
Effects of Sun and Rahu
this conjunction makes the natal successful politician with a good charisma, a great entrepreneur good artist.
relation with father suffers. Maybe father lives in foreign countries or his role may be absent.
After the age of 35 years, natal feels the real confidence within him, as Rahu releases sun from its eclipse.
This conjunction will create contradiction, complexity, and confusion in the behavior of the native.
This could manifest as an estranged relationship from the father; either the father was far away from the native living in foreign lands or the relationship was strained internally this person may lack confidence and suffer from low self-esteem, they wear a pretty thick veil in front of the world.