Sun and Saturn

The coming together of Sun and Saturn in a house is considered an average conjunction as it brings mixed results. The natives of Sun and Saturn usually have a knack for chemistry and Metallurgy. The native may be spiritually inclined and righteous, among those who always tread on the pious path. Nevertheless, this conjunction can be detrimental to one’s marital life and domestic happiness. And this is because the energy of both the planets is entirely different. Sun is a life-giving force, a masculine planet that represents vitality, Saturn on the other hand is a eunuch planet associated with miseries and delay.
Characteristics of natives of Sun and Saturn
The natives of Sun-Saturn conjunct may have enemies, but they tend to be popular amongst the masses.
The native may become spiritually inclined and also righteous. The logic is that they have to pass the test of karma; if they are able to do it, they can do well in life.
they have shared a very uneasy relationship. It is quite unusual for a father and son to have such a hostile relationship.
These people are self-determined. They know how to achieve authority.
these are the people who are very disciplined and hard-working, they want to serve the people first, then prefers authority effects.
Conjunction occurs then native begins to doubt his capabilities and strengths, it creates a kind of dilemma within self and hence confidence of the gets shaken.
It is found that person with Sun and Saturn are in healing or medical profession and from early age they start taking responsibilities or responsibilities are imposed on them, so from an early age, they try to be self-dependent.
They will feel stagnant as well as obstructed in their careers and growth of life. Success comes to them rather late in life.
Troubles from servants and low caste people is also encountered by the native.
In Kendra, it causes a bitter domestic life and delay and problems in marital life.