Sun and Venus

Sun and Venus: Sun is all about soul, our exterior self, how we project ourselves to others. Venus on the other hand is about indulgence, beauty, intimate secrets and physical pleasures. Nevertheless, Sun and Venus conjunction in a horoscope makes the native a knowledgeable person Sun in Vedic astrology represents
the soul, self-confidence, authority, ego, self-esteem, government and father. A love of authority figures (men in particular), plus an appreciation for authority and your elders in general, makes you welcome at any social scene .However, if Venus if combust in this placement, it may lead to
health issues to the native, particularly related to eyes or liver.
Characteristics of natives of Sun and Venus
Such a person is artistically inclined and has special fondness for culture and fields of art.
Such natives enjoy a good social reputation and financial status.
native may struggle in progeny matters as well.
These people usually have a charming personality and they are usually easy-going.
They give a lot of importance to being pleasant and thus be liked and appreciated by others.
The natives of Sun and Venus conjunction will do their best to establish peace and harmony.
These natives are graceful. They are romantic or sometimes romantically impulsive.
This person is skilled in redressing issues of conflict which confront the social settings from time to time.
This conjunction can make the person a charismatic politician who can attract the crowd. Can become a good actor, model or can work in fashion or entertainment industry.
Effects of Sun and Venus
If this yoga is formed in the native’s chart, his life-partner may be tall and may like to travel extensively.
Conjunction of Sun with Venus may give the person happiness and prosperity in his married life.
If Sun and Jupiter form a conjunction his spouse may dominate him. His life-partner may not have good relationship with his father.
If Sun and Mercury are strong or influenced by auspicious planets in the chart, the life-partner of the person will be efficient, smart and intelligent. He will smartly and patiently face all the obstacles of life.
If Sun and Mercury are in conjunction in the seventh house then the native’s spouse may have high expectations of income or wealth. The person’s life partner should follow the path of truth.
If Sun and Mars both form a conjunction the person may get separated from his spouse for sometime after marriage. This yoga may lead to the conflicts in their married life.