Sun in first house

  • Surya in first house has a bright aura with beaming layers of energy. It possesses a number of socially significant attributes and is evidently brilliant, unique and domineering. It grants captivation and brightness. Natives of Surya in Bhava I possess a charismatic personality full of vigor. Natives of Surya in Bhava I possess the ability to direct divine intellect brilliantly. Personality Traits of the Native of Surya occupying Bhava I  As the name suggests, these natives are bright centers of energy.  Their traits work in their favor in terms of politics of personality and despotism.  Their brilliance is dynamic.  Innovation, creativity and uniqueness are their noteworthy qualities.  Such natives are known to be confident and to have certainty and personal integrity.  They hold the center-stage in performances and represent social movements, great ideas, an institution, a generation, etc.  In all means, they may feel entitled to claim public attention.  Their personality is like that of a celebrity- glamorous and royal.  They may say themselves as a righteous father figure.  Attention seeking comes naturally to them.  Being self-focused and self-confident is among their strengths.  Their authority is a self-appropriated one.  They may lack appreciation and recognition for the ones who have contributed to their success or prominent individuality.  Natives of Surya in Bhava I do exceptionally well as performers on stage.  They are in the lines of being good dancers, athletes or warriors.  The magnificence of championship is seeked as much as attention.  The native may be self-assertive.  They are happiest when self-employed.  Their own beliefs may be so rigid that they may ignore the possibility of alternate truths of others.  Social responsibility may not be evident, but they may come across as attention seeking adolescents. Most Evident Personality Trait The native of Surya in Bhava I is often a favored child of the parents. They may seek recognition or praise for their physical attributes (which are socially significant) even if they may be vain. As much as they seek such recognition, they also happen to receive it in abundance. The native may seek credit and honor in dazzling dominant positions and may not be comfortable with sharing it.