Sun in second house

Sun in the second house generally means a home to stored knowledge, treasuries, songs, histories, food, etc. Basically, Sun in Second house is home to treasuries. The natives of this graha in the second house are holders of stored values and assets, and happen to have recorded histories and languages. They work well as the curators of lineage knowledge. They have good memory and generally work in fields requiring this skill. Personality Traits of natives of Surya in Second Bhav  The native possesses the tendency to individually evaluate the richness of their sored values.  Their face is typically a combination of strong and bright.  However, the features of their face, particularly the hair and mouth, may be affected by excessive heat.  As a father figure, the native may claim the dominant position in their family. They may want to possess the center stage.  Their family life is led and self-promoted at all stages.  They tend to possess material luxury along with facial beauty. Their style, however, of expressing and utilizing these gifts remains unique.  Recognition and praise for their possessions and charm is seeked.  They are influenced by their family lineage and the expression of this influence is carried out through spoken art.  In commonality, they do not tend to have a bright chance with second life partnership.  In case of the Surya being very strong, a second marriage may lack any legal status. The native may assert that the mutual understanding and acceptance of the spouses is sufficient. Lineage of the Native  Often, the father dominantly defines the family lineage.  The culture of the family lineage is typically seen to be bright. They may be involved in politics, theatre, creativity, etc.  The native’s family may have members who are politicians, gamers, gamblers, performing artists, or patriarchs.  The native typically has a confident and outspoken father figure in his family.  The father may openly assert his ideologies and values upon the family, including the native of Surya in Bhava II.  The urges to maintain family lineages can be seen in the father. Hence, the father may be engaged in activities of storages of different kinds.  The father is probable to collect prosperities varying from herds to songs.  The father may also be known for his treasury of a language, his musical interests and skills, animal husbandry, history and languages, ornaments, ad other forms of prosperity storages.