Surya in Eighth Bhava

The Surya in eighth bhava is described as a hider or a transformer. The native of Surya in this house seeks dominant position within hidden or occult environments as such. Within the occult practice societies, secret knowledge holders or amongst those controlling confidential data, hidden treasures, monitors of eruption, etc, the native of Surya-8 is exceptionally admired and welcomed. In the presence of Mangala, Surya in eighth bhava behaves charismatically and hot-bloodedly. Surya-8 can be looked at as healing, mystical and transformative.

  • The natives of Surya in eighth bhava are described as detectors, pursuers of mysteries, investigators, etc.
  • Due to Surya’s brightness, the native is able to see the hidden, forbidden, unknown, mysterious, masked or the reclusive.
  • Surya in eighth bhava is known for hedding brightness upon secrecy, sudden changes, occult knowledge, hidden money, conditions of death, emergencies, realms of mystery, etc.
  • The partner’s family may include dramatists, fashionistas, celebrities, politicians or gamers.
  • Due to the exceptional charm of the native, the partner’s family may feel entitled to attention and recognition.
  • The native tends to hide themselves from the public eye much.
  • Their public identity is limited or, rather, reduced. It often becomes problematic.
  • Natives of Surya in eighth bhava do not seek attention like Surya in other houses.
  • Often, the conditions of death of the native are related to heat and heart.

Personality Traits of Surya in Eighth Bhava

  • The natives of Surya in eighth bhava are helpful by nature and possess capabilities of making difficult decisions with limited information as well.
  • The native’s career may be affected by the father’s hidden dealings. In case of the Surya being weak, the native’s father may be concealed by nature, immoral, or even abusive.
  • Divorce is improbable with the natives of Surya occupying the eighth house.
  • The natives are probable to use options of extra marital affairs for ego enhancement purposes.
  • The natives of Surya in eighth bhava are neither rich nor happy on a typical basis.
  • Descriptions of their personality include short tempered, poor health (both physical and mental), sick, hard working and violent.
  • Often, the natives are also quarrelsome, handsome, adulterous and spend-thrift.
  • They are also described as characterless, cautious, and undergoing miseries.
  • They will tend to incur financial and physical distress.
  • They are probable to contract diseases that are incurable.