Surya in Fourth Bhava

About the Evident Tendency of Surya in Fourth Bhava

  • The natives of Surya in fourth bhava tend to feel the need to protect their culture and cultural foundations.
  • There can be seen a protective leaning towards the nation. The native may come across as patriotic.
  •  These natives tend to make their best attempts at preserving their heritage, cultural foundations, and its water boundaries as well.
  • They tend to make a spectacular display of patriotism, and become the center of attraction in this manner.
  • Surya’s mitragraha is Chandra, with whom Surya’s behavior is generally charismatic, calm and comfortable.
  • They promote and encourage the foundational lifestyle of people.
  • They can be described as a groundskeeper, care-taker, parent, farmer, shelter-provider, etc.
  • A defensive attitude can be seen when it comes to ancient customs or long established cultural norms.
  • The natives of Surya in fourth bhava do not like to create change in the narrative of the norm from the old times.
  • They are especially known for all things under their shelter.
  • The tendency to follow ethnic rituals and local festivities remains constant.

Personality Traits

  • The natives of Surya in fourth bhava are generally popular on a local level.
  • They may not be absolutely loved by their family or relatives, but they do not care much about it.
  • Romanticisation of the idea of owning property is prevalent.
  • In case the native is a mother herself, her home will be vigorously managed.
  • Cardiac health needs to be managed carefully.
  • Father of the native may be working at a position such as a schoolteacher or the principal of a school.
  • The native of Surya in fourth bhava has immense understanding of the aspects such as possessions, social ranking, education, status, etc.
  • Publically, they are known for their representation of home or homeland, but they may be detached from their family or parents. This does not take away from their tendency to stick to ancient culture.
  • They are known for being a protector of the root culture.
  • In making pronouncements, they may come across as quite confident or, perhaps, overconfident.
  • A lack of emotional sensitivity is prevalent.
  • They are also very self-protective.
  • A sense of insult is on their mind when anybody (especially an outsider to them) holds a counter-opinion to their rigid beliefs and thoughts.
  • They enjoy the honor and recognition that comes with owning property.
  • Attention or recognition is seeked for the property they own.
  • A resistance in bonding with others is brought out when their way of accomplishing a task does not match with the other.
  • An interest in personally influencing or affecting the home or schooling can be observed.

Chances are that the natives of Surya in fourth bhava will prosper in fields linked with the oceans or water bodies in general. Marine sciences is a suitable choice.


The mother of the native of Surya in fourth bhava is generally a promoter of the native and vividly so. She is generally a public figure and possesses capabilities of execution. She may be the leader or the manager in the house. Her wish for her offspring (the native of Surya-4) to follow her professional line is prevalent. It is fair to call her a social rationalist. She is more critical than traditional. Her thoughts are critically framed. From the mother, the native tends to inherit the qualities leading to professional scope in performance arts. The native may prosper in the field of acting or performing on stage.

The father of the native may tend to build parts of his personality under the influence of the mother’s parents. He may hold a position that gets as close to the ground as possible. For instance, he may be a fisherman, schoolteacher, guardian, transporter or a policeman. He, too, is a protector of the cultural heritage of the family lineage by nature.