Surya in Ninth Bhava

The center stage specialities of the natives of Surya in ninth bhava are them being celebrators, preachers, etc. They hold a central position in the faith community. The benefits that these natives enjoy are global awareness, connection with wisdom figures and exposure to a variety of humanistic perspectives. This graha in the abovementioned position or house is also prone to suffering from imbalances such as pollution, accusations, ailments related to work performance, unfair dealings, etc.

Personality Traits

  • The freedom of creativity in the community of faith is what makes the community interesting and fun.
  • Wisdom-teaching comes naturally to these natives.
  • The native of Surya in ninth bhava is bound to know a lot about temples, seminaries, universities, and then preach or teach that knowledge.
  • A love for truth and well-wishing of their family comes naturally to the native.
  • The native of ninth bhava may be sick during childhood but will improve in terms of health gradually.
  • They are thoughtful and religious.
  • Worries and anxieties are a constant in their life.
  • The native of Surya occupying the ninth house is probable to be a professor, preacher, or a priest.
  • They are inclined towards gaining and spreading the higher truth from sacred texts.
  • As a result of being impatient with the restrictive and conservative aspects of any religion, the native may incline towards the urge to create their own religion or sect (or cult).
  • Some strengths of the native of Surya in ninth bhava are self-confidence, self-righteousness and logical reasoning ability.
  • However, their lack of humility accounts for one of their major weaknesses.
  • A less evolved native may go through overheated theological argumentation.
  • In the matters of wisdom-seeking behaviours, the native is bound to take the center stage and take upon themselves responsibilities of solving problems.
  • The native can be called an influencial communicator.
  • Writing tasks are best done on an individual scale by the native.
  • Self-importance is prevalent. The native thinks of themselves as wiser than others by nature.
  • They seek praise for their religious knowledge and understandings, or teachings.
  • The native is too self-centered and their perspectives towards everything are quite individualistic. This may lead to issues and difficulties in terms of temple examinations.
  • The native will assure people of the help they may provide in others’ benefit. But this assurance will be backed up by a desire for sensual fulfilment.
  •  A temporary experience of conflict-prone situations in terms of the native’s role as a leader or in terms of their job performance.
  • Their career will prosper in the fields of social work, medicine, etc.
  • The native is not an ideal figure as a father as native may have a selfish tendency (unsuitable for a father figure).

Father’s Traits

  • The father of the native of Surya in ninth bhava tends to have immense knowledge in the area of their work (in professional senses).
  • In case of Surya being strong, the father tends to be ego-centric. He may think of himself as a wise and ideal being.
  • The father may be a public icon due to his religious beliefs.
  • The father and the native cannot strive under the same roof for very long, since they will not get along very well as such due to both being ego-centric.
  • Possessing a paternalistic personality, the father tends to feel too important by himself. He may be a professor, a pundit or a preacher.
  • The father’s peers may know him for his unique and individual beliefs.
  • He may be blinded by his own understandings and knowledge.
  • There is discipline of the mind involved in the father’s work or craft. This is probable to bring him closer to higher positions in his chosen field of work.
  • Being famous for his work, he also tends to feel over-entitled and ego-centric to a great extent.
  • His profession is typically associated with the Temple network.