Surya in Seventh Bhava

The Sun in this house brightens the personality of the native and also enables higher social visibility to a certain extent. The natives become good partners, negotiators, bargainers and deal makers. The worth of partnership in the native’s opinion may gradually fade away due to the overwhelming brightness of a magnificent self-centrality.

Relationships of the native of Surya in Seventh Bhava

  • Surya in seventh bhava in Mesha or Vrischika: The value of relationships to the native are limited to being means of forceful revolution or dominance.
  • Surya in seventh bhava in Urisha or Thula: Relationships are merely serving the native as means of entitlement to wealth gaining or sensual pleasure.
  • Surya in seventh bhava in Mithunaya or Kanya: Relationships serve the purpose of providing entitlement of the native to commercial use of personal imagery.
  • Surya in seventh bhava in Karkata: Parental caretaking or personal protection are the benefit that the natives see in relationships.
  • Surya in seventh bhava in Simha: The individuality of the native is focused on or recognized through relationships.
  • Surya in the seventh house in Meena or Dhanuzya: The entitlement to individual ideologies is served through relationships.
  • Surya in seventh bhava in Markara or Kumbha: In the relationships of these natives, both partners tend to be perfectionists and find entitlement to material accomplishment that is socially acceptable.

Father’s Personality Traits

The father of the native may possess qualities required for negotiation or deal making. In public, he is known for his partnerships at commercial, professional or personal levels. He may be positioned as a match-maker, middleman, broker, counselor, advocate, or some other type of negotiator.

Spouses of the Native of Surya in Seventh Bhava

  • The first spouse of the native of Surya in seventh bhava is often ego-driven. Their thoughts and opinions are independent of much external influence. They are not easy going in their private life.
  • They tend to lack empathy in their marriage.
  • Their ability and will to compromise is limited.
  • The first spouse of the native may have a calm yet radiant personality.
  • Choosing a spouse or a partner in workplaces is a difficult task for the natives of Surya occupying the seventh house.
  • The spouse tends to have a confident attitude in general.
  • In public, the marriage of the native and their spouse may appear very optimistic, but reality may vary.
  • Unless the spouse is extremely interesting and fascinating, the native will not be interested in the for long.
  • The natives prefer a diplomatic, charming and sweet partner.
  • The partner possesses fatherly attributes.
  • Personal appearance often becomes a concern to the spouse.
  • The spouse of the native strives for contstant attention.
  • The position of this graha is simply not very much in support of marital success.