Surya in Sixth Bhava

Personality Traits of Surya in Sixth Bhava

  • Natives of the Surya in sixth bhava may be expected to behave in noble manners, but often tend to be criminal in their actions, instead.
  • The native may be insentive towards the pain of the suffering others.
  • They can be called destroyers of enemies.
  • Due to their repetitive conditioning through dealing with imbalance and remedy, they may grow inured to or unaffected by the suffering.
  • They may come across as jealous or greedy.
  • Being detached from emotional fantasies, these natives can handle extremely emotional situations or sit through horrific exposures without flinching.
  • Nevertheless, they are also great managers of issues associated with creative intelligence expressions or politics. Same goes for theatre, games, performance arts, entertainment, etc.
  • The personality of Surya in sixth bhava is known for being based on dramatic conflicts.

Father of the Native of Surya in Sixth Bhava

  • On a more positive note, the native’s father may be of a socially respectable status. He may be a military officer or, perhaps, a physician. He may be a criminal attorney or associated with the ministry of service in some way.
  • Inspite of having a respectable and well-settling professional interest, the father of the native may often be betrayed and accusing towards the native.
  • He also may claim to serve the poor but not to do so in reality.
  • The father may be a military officer or a victim of war.
  • He may often be ill, impoverished and addicted to alcohol or substances.
  • Either a victim or a victimizer is a trait fittingly describing the father of the native of Surya in sixth bhava.
  • He may cheat or be intimidating.
  • The father is in a position to manage conflicts, litigations, servitude, controversies, etc. He may also be a victim of these kind of imbalances.

Career Choices for Surya in Sixth Bhava

  • The native of Surya in sixth bhava is suitable for a career as a criminal attorney, noble accuser, social conflict professional or a pollution-fighter.
  • Being bright and ego-central, the native naturally takes the center stage in aspects such as the role of the disadvantaged.
  • Workplace is the native’s most obvious and fundamental public location.
  • They may be forced into service by their male family members, except for their brothers.
  • The male figures in the native’s life may act in a self-righteous and aggressively superior manner.
  • They may come across as spendthrifts.
  • The natives have a tendency to steal things related to games or glamorous things.
  • Service comes naturally to natives of Surya in sixth bhava.
  • These natives can prosper wherever there is conflict or drama of service-based patterns or behaviours. Same goes for matters associated with medicine, military policing, exploitation, poverty, loans, litigation, divorce, illness, toxicity, pollution, bribery, etc.
  • Without wasting time in sentimental aspects of humans, the natives of Surya in sixth bhava tend to demean the efforts of others. They lack sensitivity towards others in this respect.